What is Hair Serum?

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Hair serum is a hair product that is generally used on curly or frizzy hair to give it a smoother look. It is also used to make thick hair more manageable. This product is especially useful for people who have damaged or dry hair, because it can help to smooth the hair follicles. By smoothing the follicles, hair is easier to style and take care of throughout the day. There are a number of companies that sell hair care products that include a serum in their lines.

One of the reasons that people with curly hair benefit from using hair serum is that, when curls are treated, they are more likely to maintain their shape. Furthermore, curly hair is prone to frizziness, especially in humid weather. Serum reduces frizziness in all types of hair, including curly hair. In general, it should be applied to curly hair after the hair has been washed and conditioned. Some products are intended for application to hair that is soaking wet, while other brands indicate that the serum should be applied after the hair has been dried with a towel.


Although hair serum is beneficial to people with curly hair, it is also useful when dressing straight hairstyles. Because it smooths the hair follicles, it can be used on wavy and straight hair to make an even straighter look. Also, serum can help to protect hair from the heat of blow driers and flat irons that are commonly used when completing straight hairstyles. Some people use it simply to add shine to their hair since, unlike other gels and hairsprays, this product can add a shiny gloss to the hair, which some people find to be attractive.

Most brands are sold as a liquid or as a gel. The packaging usually indicates that only a small amount is to be used, even for long hair. After the serum has been evenly distributed throughout the hair, styling can begin. Some serums are sold in the form of a thin liquid that is meant to be sprayed over the hair. This kind is used after most of the hairstyling is complete. The purpose of this kind of spray is to finish a hair style with a gloss that leaves the hair looking shiny.


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Post 4

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum is probably the best for coarse, curly, frizzy hair. It is the only kind that works for me.

Post 3

What about a serum for someone with long, frizzy hair?

Should I just get a normal frizzy hair serum, or do I need one specifically formulated for long hair?

Post 2

@StreamFinder -- My best friend has hair like yours, and she swears by her John Frieda hair serum. I personally go for the Loreal, hair serum-wise, but I think it's really something that you have to experiment with until you find one that works well for you.

Post 1

Does anybody have any recommendations for the best curly hair serum? My curls just frizz all over the place, and while I love my curls, I hate the frizz.

Any tips for me and my crazy curlicue hair?

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