What Is Hair Perfume?

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Hair perfume is very similar to perfume for the body, with its purpose to make the wearer smell good. This product is intended to make hair smell fresh, and as hair is more absorbent than skin, it lasts longer than traditional fragrances. Hair perfume is similarly applied, as well, by spritzing it into the air and then walking underneath it, allowing it to gently coat the hair.

Besides making hair smell nice, hair perfume has the added benefit of extending the time period between hair washes, especially when used in conjunction with dry shampoo. It can do this due to its alcohol content, which effectively evaporates the grease from excess sebum that builds up in hair. Further, the product itself is nongreasy and does not weigh hair down.

Hair perfume comes in both synthetic and more natural versions. Some brands contain specially designed silicone that helps to protect the hair from harmful UV rays. This silicone addition also works as a moisturizer, helping to prevent hair from drying out and giving it a silky texture. Most brands also contain silk proteins and vitamin B5 to help reduce frizz and make hair soft and shiny. The oils included in many products, such as grapeseed and olive oil, are combined with aloe vera, adding extra hydration.


Although intended for use on all hair types, hair perfume is also available in alcohol and silicon-free versions, which may be more desirable for people with colored and treated hair and sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin can also spray the perfume directly onto the lengths of the hair, avoiding any potential irritation on the scalp. This product is considered to be less damaging to the skin than body perfumes.

A popular alternative to traditional fragrances, hair perfume is available by many brands and manufacturers. Prices for this product range from the fairly inexpensive to the expensive, although even the most expensive versions are cheaper than bottled perfume. The scents, however, are similar to the ones used in body fragrance and incorporate floral, musk, and citrus notes, along with sweet, fresh, and fruit scents. Hair perfume can also be created at home by forming cones out of ingredients, such as myrrh, charcoal, and benzoin, that are combined with sandlewood and bergamot oils and burned, allowing the scent to waft gently through the hair. The oils help the scent cling to the hair, often providing hours of fragrance.


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Post 4

@literally45-- You can always make your own with essential oils and water. Rose water is a great all natural hair perfume.

Post 3
@literally45-- Yea, there are alcohol-free hair perfumes on the market, you might just have to look around at different stores for them.

I used one for almost a year and it worked well. I was washing my hair only twice a week and would use the hair perfume in between. My hair always smelled fresh and it didn't get damaged. On the contrary, washing and drying hair is very damaging.

Post 2

I wash my hair every other day but my hair is very long and seems to absorb odors (especially food odors) very easily. I can't wash it everyday because it takes too long to dry it and style it.

I'm thinking about using a hair perfume but I'm worried about the alcohol content. Will it dry out and damage my hair?

Are there hair perfumes without alcohol?

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