What is Hair Mousse?

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Hair mousse is a hair styling product that is dispensed in an aerosol foam spray. It adds volume to hair and often provides both conditioning and hold. One of the lighter weight hair styling products, hair mousse is applied to wet hair before drying and styling. It may also be referred to as styling foam.

This versatile styling product is a popular choice for both short and long hairstyles. When applied to wet hair that is allowed to air dry, the hair is often left with a wet look that can be crunchy feeling, but unlike hair gel, hair mousse combs out easily for a softer look. When applied to wet hair that is dried with a hair dryer, this product provides additional volume and hold.

There are hundreds of brands of hair mousse, from professional to store brands, many delivering a quality styling product. Certain brands contain alcohol, which is fine for most hair types except dry. For dry hair, look for brands that contains natural conditioners and vitamins, but no alcohol. You might also consider checking hair mousse and other styling products for ultra-violet sun protection.


One way to determine quality hair mousse is by its expansion when dispersed into your palm. If it barely expands into its foam state, but rather remains mostly liquid, try a different brand. You should be able to dispense the product into your palm and have it expand from silver dollar size to about egg size. Quality mousse not only expands well, but is easy to easy to distribute throughout your hair.

Use this product to give your hair volume, control frizz and flyaway, and to provide moderate styling control. If you are looking for strong hold to create molded or sculpted hairstyles, consider using hair gel, pomade, or wax instead. Additionally, if you are extremely conscious of aerosol dispensers and their effect on the environment, you can find lightweight, non-aerosol spray gels for styling that hold as well as hair mousse. Experiment with different brands and you will most likely find one to be a staple favorite.


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Post 10

Is it good to use mousse before hair straightening? Will it cause any damage to the hair?

Post 9

To achieve a wet look hair with hair mousse, you should apply it when your hair is about half-wet (not fully dry, but not fully wet, either). Rinse your hair first and then apply the hair mousse.

Post 8

the best hair mousse is 3 in 1 condition hair mousse. it is the best! this is used for women not for men.

Post 7

i want to know what is the best hair mousse that i can have because i want to achieve a wet look hair all the time?

Post 5

i have curly hair. how can i use mousse to style my hair?

Post 4

i have medium flat hair (in between thick & thin). im tying to make it like a spike curl wet look style. can mousse help?

Post 3

i want to know if hair mousse has some side effects? and also tell me some good hair mousse i can opt well as how much they cost?

Post 2

If you want...

Post 1

what is the difference between hair gel and hair wax?

I'm a man, can i use a hair styling product which is meant for women?

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