What Is Hair Lotion?

Hair lotion is a hair styling product that is generally applied to the hair and left on. Its purpose is typically to moisturize the hair, although hair lotion can also be used to treat dry scalp, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin conditions affecting the scalp. Medicated hair lotions may also play a part in many hair-retention and hair-regeneration programs marketed for those suffering from hair loss. While a wide range of hair lotions and oils are available for sale, it is also fairly easy to make these products at home. They often contain simple, readily-available ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and vegetable oil.

The use of hair lotion is said to help keep hair hydrated, supple, and soft. Many people use hair lotion in an attempt to repair damage sustained after exposure to heat, chemicals, or UVA/UVB rays. Manufacturers typically claim that these products can restore the natural balance of oils to the hair and encourage hair to grow more rapidly. Additional claims often include protection from skin irritations on the scalp and elimination or reduction of dandruff flakes.

Most products marketed as hair lotion are oil-based. Castor oil, neem oil, and olive oil are considered beneficial for topical application to the hair. These products often also contain additional ingredients intended to support the health of both the hair and the scalp. The use of botanical extracts to enhance the effects of commercial hair lotions is considered quite popular. Extracts of chamomile, burdock, rosemary, henna, and other herbs are often added to commercial hair lotions to soothe the skin, enhance the color and appearance of hair, support adequate blood circulation in the scalp, and promote increased hair growth.

Many people make their own hair oils and lotions in the home. Since these products often contain few ingredients, they are generally very simple to create at home. Most homemade hair lotion recipes call for a base of olive or vegetable oil. Additional ingredients are often chosen based on the effect desired from the finished product.

Eggs are considered a popular ingredient in homemade hair lotions, because they are known for enhancing hair's softness and shine. Some people may forgo eggs, and instead apply a mixture of olive oil and honey to the hair. Lotions containing eggs or honey are typically left on the hair for a period of time, usually about an hour. The lotion is then normally washed out.

Other lotions, however, can be left in the hair until the next shampoo. Some people apply sugar water as hair lotion, due to the perceived moisturizing benefits of the sugar. Others apply homemade infusions of nettles, rosemary, or other herbs.

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@Friststepha. Try this, wash hair then towel dry. Choose a hair conditioner that you do like (no use if you don't like the smell) . Pour about a penny-sized blob onto your palm and rub between palms just a little (no use moisturizing your hands only, is it?) and now rub it into your hair length and into the tip/end of your hair. You may repeat this with the same small amounts as to complete your own hair coverage.

When you apply this to your hair, you must not rub into your scalp at all; you are, in fact, avoiding the scalp. The idea is to only apply the minimum amount of conditioner possible. The reason is that you are not

going to wash it out as you usually would do. This would not cause your hair to become lank as the case of your coarse dryness at present.

So now, you may gently scrunch your conditioner through your hair then leave in or comb it with a wide-toothed comb. After that, you can leave it to dry naturally (if it's summer or warm enough to) or part dry on a cool heat with hair dryer, leaving the hair slightly damp. You will find it seems bouncier maybe and fresher with this kind treatment. In between hair washes, you may spray your hair with a plastic spray bottle (bought almost anywhere) containing cool/cold water; you could just fill with tap water. Spray enough to just dampen your hair while gently scrunching hair with your fingers. Once damp, apply a penny-sized blob of conditioner once again to your palm and this time use your fingertips of the other hand to dip into the blob and then pinch the conditioner through and into your hair. Add more accordingly, making sure you only use enough to treat very lightly. Scrunch through your hair gently with your fingertips and allow yourself to enjoy getting to know your hair. Over time (not overnight completely) your hair will improve and soften into “calm” curls. This treatment is a bit easier that making portions and convenient/quicker so can be used more often. Once hair is improved over time you may like to use it a bit less.

Another treatment you could try at home is: 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon olive oil. (Or add more accordingly, keeping to the same ratio). Warm these two ingredients together and apply to damp hair, massage through hair and scalp. Wrap a good amount of cling film around your head/hair to cover and seal, then leave it to condition for one hour. Remove and wash your hair as normal. You could use this maybe once a week or/as you like to. Or you may like to use it once a month along with the above other treatment. I hope you find this suggestion helpful to your own decision and also you could still add a beaten egg to honey/oil portion as an on and off treatment. Anyway, good luck! --Georgina N.

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My hair is very curly and gets insanely dry and tangled in the winter. It’s so unbearable most of the time that I hate the idea of even trying to get a brush through it. I’ve tried a lot of detanglers and hot oil treatments to help with the dryness, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m contemplating making my own hair remedy, and I’ve heard great things about both eggs and honey for increasing shine and overall hair health.

Does anyone have any homemade hair lotion recipes that treat dry, easily tangled hair? Do you recommend heating the honey up a bit before putting it on the hair, similar to a hot oil treatment? Are there any essential oils that I can put into a lotion that will add moisture to my poor parched hair?

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