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Gyrokinesis® is an exercise movement developed by Juliu Horvath, a professional dancer who developed a system of exercises that helped repair injuries he had sustained as a dancer. Gyrokinesis® is an exercise system based on fluid movements that offer similar physical benefits of yoga, dance, and swimming, though it is not based on these or other specific exercise models.

Gyrokinesis® exercises are designed to work the entire body through spinal movement and joint articulation. Based on the body’s natural ability to move forward and backward and side to side, the movements are designed to be rhythmic and fluid. Rather than specific postures or stances being held for long periods of time, Gyrokinesis® exercises are smoothly integrated, seeming more like dance than traditional yoga. Natural breathing patterns are also incorporated into Gyrokinesis® exercises.

A large part of Gyrokinesis® is self-massage and patterned breathing. Horvath refers to this practice as “awakening of the senses.” Gyrokinesis® exercises include mobilizing and stretching the spine as well as other joints including the hips and knees. Beginning Gyrokinesis® classes typically include learning self-massage, movements and corresponding breathing patterns, but advanced classes also focus on endurance.


Some of the benefits Gyronkinesis® exercises tout include the ability for all ages and physical conditions to practice as well as an increase in flexibility and relaxation. Additionally, because Gyrokinesis® is a non-machine based exercise system, no special equipment is required. Mats, similar to those used in yoga, and often a small stool, are used in classes, but those practicing at home can modify their needs with basic household objects.

Those interested in learning Gyrokinesis® exercises can locate a certified instructor or studio or can purchase instructional DVDs for private use in the home. Many fitness experts recommend learning any exercise system from a certified instructor before working at home to ensure proper movements and to maximize the physical benefits. It is also recommended that you check with your family doctor or other physician before you begin a regular exercise regimen.


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