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GutterStuff® was created in 1994 by an entrepreneur named Robert Jones. Robert Jones's idea was to create a product that would keep debris out of the gutters of homes, eliminating clogging problems that occur inside the gutters and downspouts. He wanted to make sure homeowners could install the product themselves rather than hiring a contractor to do the work for them, making GutterStuff® affordable for everyone.

After testing different kinds of materials, Robert Jones decided on a polyether foam material that works as a non-absorbent filter that allows water to flow through freely while keeping larger debris from entering gutters and clogging downspouts. GutterStuff® is manufactured to fit inside of a 5-inch (12.7 cm) K-style gutter. These type of gutters are the most common style of gutters used on homes today.

GutterStuff® comes in four foot (1.22 meters) sections that can be installed quite easily. Before installing GutterStuff®, it is essential to clean all debris from the gutters and downspouts. Installation can be as simple as sliding the GutterStuff® insert into the gutter. The polyether foam filter insert is then slid underneath the straps inside the gutter. The ends can simply be trimmed with a pair of scissors if they are too long.


While installing the product, each end should be placed snugly against the other inside the gutter. GutterStuff® can be trimmed on the ends if a piece is too long, however, it should never be stretched to fit in an area. The polyether foam filter will shrink back to its original size, leaving open gaps in the gutter, prohibiting GutterStuff® from working properly.

While the top of GutterStuff® may harden due to overexposure of the sun, the filter has proven to withstand all aspects of weather and perform properly. GutterStuff® cannot be seen once it is installed. It not only blocks large debris from laying in the gutter, it also includes a germicide that prevents mosquitoes from breeding. GutterStuff® is very lightweight yet completely durable and comes with a five year warranty.

It has been advertised through infomercials and featured on television broadcasts. This item can be purchased online or at various stores like ACE Hardware, True Value, Sutherlands, Big Rock Supply and Monroe Hardware Company, Inc. Even various trade shows set up exhibits featuring GutterStuff®. There are opportunities available for people who wish to become dealers and advertise the product. This information is available on the GutterStuff® website.


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