What is Guduchi?

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Guduchi is an herbal remedy used as a form of immunity support. One of the most popular herbs in Ayurvedic medicine, it is also used as a diuretic, a fever reducer, and a remedy for many other health issues. Guduchi supplements come from the plant Tinospora cordifolia.

Many people hail the guduchi immune booster as an herb of life, or longevity. While the nutritional supplements have been found to help reduce the risk of catching a cold or flu, they can also prevent other immune system issues, such as the side effects from receiving cancer treatments. People who take the supplement report having less anxiety and stress, as well as being able to ward off illnesses and infections.

Some studies show that the herbal supplement may be beneficial against several chronic conditions. Patients with asthma may find relief from guduchi capsules. The liver can be protected with the herb, helping people ward off jaundice, toxins, and other ailments. People with frequent skin disorders, such as psoriasis or eczema, may be able to manage their conditions with the herb as well.

Other allergic reactions due to seasonal or chronic allergies may be treated with guduchi. Some studies point to the herb as a possible aid in managing or preventing diabetes and nerve damage. The dietary supplements may also help lower one's cholesterol. The herb is said to work by helping the body's white blood cells work more effectively.


These nutritional supplements are sold mainly in powder form. They are also available as capsules. Some users mix the powder to form a paste for using on skin irritations. Though guduchi has no known severe side effects, taking the dietary supplements for a long period of time may induce mild constipation.

Associations with longevity may stem from a Vedic myth surrounding the guduchi vine. The story claims that when the gods created the ocean, an immortality-granting elixir was made known as amrit, another name for guduchi. Another legend claims that the nectar was dispensed during a great war, and when the drops hit the earth the vines were formed. The vine features vibrant green, heart-shaped leaves and succulent gray or white bark. Yellow flowers and fleshy drupe fruits also grow on the vine.

The climbing Tinospora cordifolia vine grows primarily in tropical areas. Myanmar and India are its native countries. It also grows naturally in India. The Ayurvedic herb is also known as madhuparni and vatsadani, among several other names.


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Post 6

@manykitties2 - Guduchi is a great supplement to try if you have asthma, though I wouldn't expect it to be a miracle cure. I found for myself that it helps with the severity of my asthma attacks. I use it mostly to prevent bad attacks brought on by stress.

I must add that while guduchi didn't get rid of my asthma attacks completely, it did make it so I could do more without wheezing. I think with any natural cure that you really need to talk to your doctor first before taking it. My doctor gave me the OK to try guduchi, but I am sure there are some medications that wouldn't mix well with it.

Post 5

Has anyone tried guduchi for asthma? Did you find that it reduced the need for your inhalers? Was it best when you were already sick, or is more of a preventative measure?

I have been suffering from asthma attacks my entire life, often brought on by severe allergies. While I have puffers that I use, I find that they just help me when I am already wheezing and feeling ill. I would love to find something natural that allows me to live a more active life. I really hate not being able to participate in sports just because I have trouble breathing.

Post 4

@alfredo - I think that is a great question, herbs and things like plant extracts always seem to have anecdotal evidence but I have not heard the "how" it works.

But this article addressed that guduchi may work by aiding one's white blood cells, so that is my best guess - that psoriasis and the other issues listed that could be helped by guduchi may be intertwined with white blood cells and how they are functioning or not functioning.

Also note - that there was also stated in the article about studies involving guduchi; which also makes me feel as though it has been looked at scientifically.

Post 3

My mom has psoriasis and seems to always struggle with it, and guduchi's medicinal use of fighting psoriasis might just be what she needs to fight off the last stagnant batch of psoriasis.

What I am curious about is what the guduchi herb does for psoriasis; as in how does a herb heal the skin?

Post 2

@sunnySkys - I hope the guduchi works for you. I've tried other Ayurvedic remedies with some pretty good success.

I think it's always good to thoroughly research the possible side effects of herbal remedies though. Unlike medicine from the pharmacy, herbal medicine doesn't have to have a label with possible side effects. And some of them definitely do have side effects!

Post 1

I've been getting sick a lot, so I'm looking for something to boost my immune system. This guduchi sounds like it was tailor made for all my medical problems!

I have allergies, asthma, and anxiety, in addition to the immune issues. Since this herb is supposed to be good for all of that stuff, I'm going to look for it at my local health food stores.

I'm also really glad it doesn't have too many side effects! I was reading through the beginning and I was like "This sounds great! What's the catch?" Sounds like there isn't one!

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