What is Greenhouse Gardening?

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Greenhouse gardening is literally gardening that takes place within a greenhouse. A greenhouse is a structure that is mostly made of glass in order to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to enter the space, warm the air, and help to grow the plants. As such, greenhouses are usually rather warm, even in winter months. The interior temperature and humidity of a greenhouse can be regulated with heating units as well as humidifiers. Large and elaborate greenhouses often have multiple rooms set to varying temperatures and humidity levels in order to provide the right conditions for different plant groups.

One reason people keep greenhouses instead of simply growing plants in their homes is that most plants flourish in temperatures and humidity levels that are different from the temperatures and humidity levels maintained within most houses. For example, most plants benefit from a level of humidity that is uncomfortable for the interior of a home. The climate that is comfortable for plants could possibly damage delicate items such as paperback books and posters or create areas of mildew on fabrics. For this reason, an attached or adjoining greenhouse can be used for proper greenhouse gardening.


The techniques used for greenhouse gardening are basically the same as gardening out doors. The only difference is that the gardening takes place under panels of glass instead of out in the fresh air. In fact, many people who experience back pain or have mobility problems prefer greenhouse gardening because it allows them to garden without having to kneel or stoop down to the ground. This is because most greenhouses are outfitted with long tables that are waist-high, allowing gardeners to work while standing straight or sitting on a stool.

A great benefit of greenhouse gardening is the ability to have fresh flowers, fresh vegetables, and fresh herbs year round. Some people also use greenhouse gardening in order to tend to delicate plants during winter months.

One of the keys to effective greenhouse gardening is the placement of the greenhouse. The greenhouse must be placed in a way that will maximize the amount of sunlight that it receives. This is especially important during the winter when hours of light are limited. If the greenhouse receives a great deal of shade from neighboring structures or neighboring trees, the plants within might not flourish.


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