What Is Green Tea Shampoo?

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Green tea shampoo is hair cleanser that includes green tea leaf extract, also known as Camellia sinensis, as one of the ingredients. It may be used by people and by pets, particularly since it often is a natural product, containing fewer — if any — harsh chemicals. Green tea shampoo often is used to protect and condition the scalp and hair, and it also is believed to help promote stronger, shiner, and more voluminous hair. Although there are many brands of shampoo that contain green tea, it is also possible to make this shampoo at home.

The antioxidants and vitamins that are contained in green tea lead many people to believe that green tea shampoo is beneficial to their hair and scalp. For example, some individuals believe that washing their hair with the shampoo will allow their hair to grow stronger. In fact, it is often used as a homeopathic remedy for people suffering from balding, thinning hair, or receding hairlines.

There may also be protective qualities found in green tea shampoo. For example, it is thought to protect the hair from external factors, such as ultraviolet light rays, air pollution, saline, and chlorine. Many people believe that the skin on the head is also protected from these external influences, creating a healthier scalp.


Many people also claim the shampoo works to moisturize their hair. They believe that their hair feels silkier, shiner, and healthier as a result of using the shampoo. They also claim that their scalp is less itchy and dry, and that the shampoo helps to prevent issues such as dandruff.

Although there may be many benefits to using green tea shampoo, there are some possible detriments as well. For example, some people claim that it leaves their hair feeling weighed down and greasy, particularly if their hair is naturally oily. Additionally, some people argue this shampoo has astringent properties that cause their hair to feel overly dry and even brittle.

As with most products, it is important to read the label. Simply because a product claims to have green tea extract does not mean that it's included in significant quantities. It also does not mean that the product is free from all chemicals or toxins.

Some individuals may choose to purchase green tea shampoo from drug stores, health food stores, or via the Internet. In the alternative, it is possible to make this shampoo from a mixture of Castile soap and brewed green tea. Generally, 1/2 cup (about 118.3 ml) of green tea is mixed with 1 cup (about 236.6 ml) of the soap. It is often cooked over a low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring frequently, then allowed to cool.


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Post 3

@SarahGen-- Green tea shampoo doesn't over-dry the scalp but it certainly controls oil production. I think it's best for people with normal to oily hair.

Some hair brands with a green tea line might have different green tea shampoos for different types of hair. If the product says that it's for oily hair, obviously someone with dry hair shouldn't use it. It doesn't make sense for someone to use a product that's not formulated for their hair type and then complain that it's drying. One should read reviews of products before buying them anyway. Some products get a bad name because people don't use them properly.

Post 2

I'm confused about what type of green tea shampoo I should get. I can't seem to find a shampoo that just has green tea in it as the active ingredient. The ones I've found have many additional ingredients like nettle, ginseng and witch hazel.

Post 1

My hair and scalp seem to love anything with green tea in it. I have an oily scalp that's prone to irritation and dandruff. Green tea shampoo is soothing and cleans my scalp without irritating it. I don't agree that green tea shampoo is over-drying, it is not. If a green tea shampoo is drying, then it must have synthetic ingredients and chemicals in it. A natural, plant based shampoo will not cause such problems.

Even though I have an oily scalp, I cannot use harsh shampoos. They dry out my scalp and then cause excessive oil production because my scalp is trying to recover its moisture balance. When I use soothing, mild shampoos like green tea shampoo, I don't have this problem.

My skin reacts the same way as my scalp to green tea. I also use a green tea facial moisturizer.

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