What is Green Industry?

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"Green industry" is a term that can be used for industrial businesses that use environmentally-friendly practices, or those that produce eco-conscious products. In the 21st century, increased awareness and education about global warming, climate change, and the impending exhaustion of natural resources has created a significant level of demand for green industry. Governments interested in improving environmental practices may sometimes choose to offer incentives, such as tax breaks, to green industry in order to foster the development of this type of business.

Many different aspects of the industrial world now contain an element of green technology. Nearly any type of product, from cars to lightbulbs to coffee mugs, have at least one alternative produced with advanced environmental standards. Business and economic experts have cited the trending industry as due for enormous growth throughout the next century, in part due to necessity, but also due to changing levels of demand.

Green industry is deeply enmeshed in the production and development of alternative energy. Solar, wind, hydrothermal, and even nuclear power plants are often considered to be environmentally-friendly forms of energy production as they are either renewable or sustainable and provide little to no pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial pursuits in this area include the research and development of new alternative energy technologies, the implementation of alternative energy systems, and the same maintenance and work that goes on in traditional power plants.


Green products, often popularized by celebrities and notable figures, have created a thriving system of green industry. Recycling, organic and sustainable growing practices, and even eco-conscious packaging are all major elements in the green product industry. Toilet paper made from recycled notebooks, organic cotton t-shirts and shopping bags, appliances built to save energy, and even houses built from low-emission materials all contribute to this segment of green industry.

Sustainable and environmentally safe food is also a growing segment of the green industry. In addition to organic food grown without pesticides, green farming pursuits manage livestock and crops to prevent damage to watersheds and topsoil. By rotating crops or grazing animals through different pastures each season, the green farming industry helps preserve nutrient-rich topsoil that allows growing to become a renewable procedure.

Green-produced products have become quite popular throughout the industrialized world. While this may seem like a good thing for the environment, it also opens the door to scams and advertising fake-outs that try to capitalize on the popularity of green industry. Be wary of products that claim to be green but provide no evidence of certification; an “all natural” tomato may still be covered in pesticides unless it has been certified by a governing body as organic.


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@spotiche5- I think that you should try to recycle as much as you can. Most areas have places that you can drop off recyclable items, which usually includes cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal items. This is an easy way to cut back on waste and begin living a green life.

Post 2

@spotiche5- This article has some good information about "green" agriculture. Though it may not feel like you are doing much, eating organic foods and using naturally-produced products does have an impact on the earth. It's a small step in the right direction that will make a major difference in the future as more people eat "green" and use "green" household and personal care products in their daily lives.

Post 1

I want to do what I can to be "green," but there isn't a lot of green industry growth in my area yet. How can I do my part to protect the environment until the industries in my area catch up to the green movement?

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