What Is Greek Pizza?

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A popular dish in Greek cooking, Greek pizza is known for its authentic Greek ingredients. Some common ingredients in Greek pizza include feta cheese, spinach, and olives. Greek pizza may also refer to any pizza that features an oily Greek crust that is prepared in a pan

If Greek toppings are desired, a tomato-based sauce may not be employed on the pizza. Instead, a cream sauce, such as one made from mayonnaise and spices, may be used. Many Greek pizza recipes employ no sauce at all, calling for a type of cheese to be used on top of a crust, with toppings placed directly on top of the cheese. The crust itself may be hand-made or purchased from a grocery store.

Mozzarella cheese is often called for in these pizza recipes, though feta is the most common cheese used. Mozzarella and feta may also be combined on the pizza. Some other typical Greek cheeses that may be used may include Myzithra, Kefalotyri, and Graviera.

Kalamata olives are one of the most popular ingredients on a Greek pizza. Various types of tomatoes, from sun-dried varieties to freshly cut cherry tomatoes, are well-loved ingredients as well. Traditional Italian herbs, such as garlic and oregano, may be used. Greek spices, such as ginger or curry, may also be used if preferred.


In the New England area of the United States, Greek pizza crust is a popular food. The crust does not require Greek toppings in order to be classified as a Greek pizza. Rather than being baked on traditional bricks or across a hot rack, Greek pizza is prepared in a pan. This allows the crust to maintain its oiliness.

Also known as lathenia, Greek dough is made with flour, salt, and butter. Milk and olive oil are also used to make the crust. The ingredients are kneaded together for a minimum of 20 minutes before the rest of the pizza is assembled. The oil is brushed on the dough prior to topping and cooking the food, which results in a tasty, slick outer crust.

Greek pizzerias that sell typical Italian or American-style pizzas on top of Greek crusts often accompany their pizza menus with other traditional Greek dishes. Gyros are a popular item in such Greek eateries, as are Greek salads. Some other typical Greek food offerings might include stuffed grape leaves, fava beans, or Greek croquettes, which are also known as kroketes. Eaters may wish to follow their pizza with a Greek dessert, such as yogurt and honey or grape juice-based cookies.


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Several times in the past, I have had Greek pizza before, and to be honest, I didn't really care for it. However, I think it may have been the mayonnaise that contributed to this. Living in America, I am so used to having tomato sauce as the base, that anything else doesn't really appeal to me.

However, I still respect the dish for what it is. Not only does it show that people have different preferences, but more importantly, it shows that pizza is eaten in many countries, in many different ways.

For example, you have the "Americanized" version, which comes in stock, you get from a fast food place, and the ingredients are much more cheap than

the authentic kind. Then you have the "exotic" pizzas, with some rather strange ingredients. And finally, you have Greek pizza, with it's mayonnaise base and Kalamata olives. Not everyone is going to prefer the same thing, but regardless, that is what makes the dish unique.

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