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As one of the most popular hair coloring products for men, Grecian Formula® has been on the market for decades. Unlike recent competitors, this particular product offers the advantage of slowly restoring color to the hair, rather than abruptly changing the appearance of the hair with a dye job. For this reason, many men prefer to use Grecian Formula® since the change is often so incremental that friends and acquaintances do not notice there is less gray hair than a few months ago.

This product has been around for a number of years. From its earliest inception, the product offered men two main advantages. First, applying the product took very little time and effort. Simply working the formula through the hair using a comb was enough to do the job. Second, the change made by the hair coloring product was so gradual that hardly anyone would be aware that the individual was using some product to restore color to the hair. Over the period of several weeks, the hair would gradually darken in a seemingly natural fashion.


Unlike many other contemporary hair coloring products for men, Grecian Formula® does not tend to leave the hair looking as if it has been recently colored. Far too many products leave the hair with a chemical scent, or an appearance that is slightly dull. That is not the case with this product. While Grecian Formula® hair color has always included nutrients for the hair, current formulas for the products help the hair to be full, shiny, and in general appear to be very healthy.

Many men prefer Grecian Formula® because it is so easy to control the amount of gray that is maintained. For example, it is possible to apply the product so that the temples are left gray, providing a distinguished look that many businessmen enjoy. At the same time, it is possible to work in just enough of the formula to go from total gray to an appealing salt and pepper look if that is desired. Men can even choose to do away with the gray altogether by continuing to use a full application of the product each day.

In terms of cost, Grecian Formula® is competitive with other name brand hair coloring products for men. The product line also includes formulas that are ideal for facial hair. This makes it possible to minimize or even eliminate the gray in beards and mustaches with the same ease as coloring the hair on the head. Some men report that these ancillary products can even restore gray chest hair to its original color, although the company does not actively endorse this type of application.


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Post 4

It does work, eventually. The two week claim is only if you do not wash your hair for two weeks. (It says this!) but I have to tell you: after three days of showering but not getting my hair wet. I was clearing rooms! It makes you smell like a homeless person.

Don't work out with this in your hair! The scalp sweat triggers some kind of increase in the hideous odor. Just wash your hair. Apply every day and it's more like six to eight weeks before you get the results you want.

Post 3

You're coloring your gray hair. You are an old man.

Post 1

this is the only product that works the way it is advertised but, it smells like an old man when you sweat. why can't they make it smell better? i am only 45 and i don't want to smell like an old man.

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