What is Gothic Eye Makeup?

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Gothic eye makeup is a style of enhancing one's appearance that fits in with a specific fashion look. A person who is dressing in a "goth" manner will generally have pale skin and thick eyeliner designed to draw attention to this part of the face. Not all people who adopt this look use black eyeliner. They may also use rich jewel tones to accent their eyes.

To achieve a gothic eye makeup look, start with by applying a light or white foundation to the entire face. The eye area should be covered as well, either with foundation or a white eye shadow. When it comes to applying goth eye makeup, the focus is on outlining this part of the face so that the observer notices it right away.

To open up the eye area, eyebrows should be relatively thin. They may be plucked until they are in a thin line, or even removed entirely in some instances. In the latter case, an eyebrow pencil can be used to draw them on before the rest of the makeup is applied.

Choosing the right eye liner is an important part of applying gothic eye makeup. Black eye liner is a traditional feature of gothic eye makeup, but some goths choose a gray or dark brown tone. This is a popular choice among people with light colored eyes.


Liquid eye liner gives a sharp look to the eye area. It takes some practice to learn how to apply it properly. This product can be quite unforgiving, and a steady hand is required to get a straight, even line around the eye.

Eyeliner pencils are another choice that can be used for gothic eye makeup. They should be freshly sharpened so that they are easier to control. Some people who choose to wear gothic eye makeup extend the line of the eye liner beyond the outer corner of the eye to create a dramatic look. Getting creative by drawing a design extending from the eye is another option for people who want to experiment with goth eye makeup.

Traditionalists who are applying gothic eye makeup choose gray or black eye shadow. More modern interpretations of this look include eye shadow in blue, brown or purple. Other shades, such as dark blue or green, may also be used. A goth may also add a splash of interest by incorporating white eye shadow into the mix.


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