What is Good Feng Shui for the Home?

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Feng Shui (pronounced fung-Shway) is an ancient Chinese art. Literally translated, it means “wind and waters.” In Chinese culture, gentle wind and clear water are symbolic of good harvest and good health. Feng Shui for the home was first developed over three thousand years ago, based on the idea that the world is full of energy, or Chi. Chi is a Taoist idea that the land is alive and overflowing with energy. This energy can be manifested through different items in your surroundings, influencing different aspects of your life.

Feng Shui for the home is based on the idea that by changing your environment, you can change your life, whether for better or for worse. Good Feng Shui is good livelihood, or good fortune. Also known as Sheng Chi, it can be described as a feeling of upliftment or well-being. Feng Shui can be beneficial for both your health and mental state.


Feng Shui for the home can be accomplished in several ways. The Ba-Gua, an octagonal map for Feng Shui, is the most common way. It can be used to decorate and re-arrange your living space. The Ba-Gua uses colors, natural elements, and life areas to bring about good Feng Shui. For example, the northern location on the map lists water as the element, blue and black as colors, and the life area as career and path in life. These should be incorporated into that part of your home. This would be a good place for a home office set up, maybe with light blue walls, black desk statues, and a small indoor fountain.

Another way to accomplish Feng Shui for the home is through the use of crystals, chimes, and water. Crystals or stones of specific types can be used in the home or work environments to promote good Chi. Each area of the Ba-gua has colors and stones associated with it. Chimes are useful in many areas of the Ba-Gua, symbolizing sound or wind. Water can be used to symbolize creativity. Other things that encourage a positive Feng Shui are trees and plants, art work, and animal statues.

There are many benefits of using Feng Shui for the home. It can result in having more energy, good health, and a feeling of empowerment. Believing in the ability to change your environment to change your life can also increase your self-esteem. Practicing Feng Shui can cause a ripple effect. As one thing in your life improves, other things seem to get better as well. Each aspect of your life influences the others.

Good Feng Shui exists in more than just homes and work places. Walking past a park, with fresh air, natural light, and wide open space, can result in an uplifting, happy feeling. Some places just seem to naturally make you feel good, whether you are physically there or just thinking about it. These places have good Chi. By using the concept of Feng Shui for the home, it is possible to achieve that same feeling in your living space.


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