What is Global Warming Awareness?

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Global warming awareness is understanding the concerns about, and issues surrounding, global climate warming. It is important because it is necessary to become aware of these issues in order to consider what actions, if any, might be taken to address the problem. Awareness is also required in order to discuss global warming since there are opposing views on the matter, and the entire subject has been somewhat controversial.

People on both sides of the global warming debate usually agree that the climate is undergoing change. The disagreement most often comes into play when determining the cause of this change. Some feel global warming and climate change is just a normal cycle the earth goes through periodically, while others feel that mankind's footprint on the earth is accelerating climate change.

Even though agreement may never be reached, global warming awareness is still needed, so those who are affected can deal with these changes, whatever the cause may be. Those who live near coastlines should become aware that global warming may cause an increase in violent weather and flooding. Other areas of the earth are experiencing severe drought. Changes in weather patterns can affect the survivability of crops and the communities that depend on them. Awareness of these issues helps people who could potentially be impacted by climate warming to prepare themselves.


Global warming awareness is also important on a national and global scale. Governments need to become aware of the catastrophic events that might strike their lands and people as a result of climate change. The debate rages on as to whether carbon offsets and alternative energy would have any appreciable effect upon global warming. Still, most would probably agree awareness needs to be promoted, if not for prevention, then so people are informed of potential consequences, and plans can be developed for recovery and survival.

Global warming is a serious issue. Global warming awareness is being taught in many schools, and brought to the public's attention through the media. Many "green" companies are coming forth with their own ideas for slowing global warming and helping mankind become more eco-friendly towards the earth.

Increasing one's global warming awareness is not difficult. There are many books and documentaries that discuss global warming and climate change. Reading all viewpoints can give a person a well-rounded background on the issues, and better prepare him or her to discuss global warming and offer solutions on a personal and community level.


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Post 4

If all of us won't start to change the way we speed up the global warming situation, this is what our cities will look like in the near future.

Earth under 60 m (216ft) of water.

Post 3

It amazes me that in spite of all the global warming data, global warming graphs and global warming predictions there is not more attention paid to this issue. Why is there not more public awareness of global warming?

There are so many good advertisers out there and the media is so pervasive. It seems like with just one good campaign they could change the way we think about this issue completely. We need something to silence the global warming skeptics once and for all and start getting serious about this issue.

Post 2

I think one of the best ways to increase consciousness about global warming is to teach our kids about it. This does not have to be done in an apocalyptic way. Instead of focusing on the negatives try and focus on the positives.

I teach a fifth grade class and we have done units on global warming several times. I try to focus on the benefits of energy conservation, renewable sources and personal responsibility for the earth rather than the negatives like rising sea levels and failing ecology.

The kids usually respond pretty well. The optimistic part of me thinks that the generation coming up might take responsibility for this issue in a way that people of my generation have never been able to.

Post 1

I think there is a real lack of global warming awareness in both this country and around the world. Most people know the basic concept and are aware that it is getting worse, but they really don't understand how dire the consequences are.

We have been talking about global warming for more than 20 years and yet every major initiative to lower greenhouse gas emissions and other global warming causing factors have failed spectacularly. Instead of going in the right direction we are running faster than ever in the wrong direction.

I don't know what it will take to get people thinking seriously about this issue but whatever spark it takes I hope it comes soon. We are quickly reaching the point when the most catastrophic consequences can't be reversed.

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