What Is Ginseng Shampoo?

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Ginseng shampoo is a hair cleanser that has been infused with ginseng extract. Holistic practitioners often tout ginseng extract as a hair growth stimulator, making it desirable for those with naturally fine hair or for people suffering from hair loss. Many commercial manufacturers produce shampoos that contain ginseng in addition to other natural extracts. Those looking for an inexpensive or organic alternative to commercial products have several options for creating their own ginseng shampoo.

Many shampoo manufacturers sell ginseng shampoo to attract patrons following the green movement or those that prefer herbal health products. Ginseng has a relatively pungent scent, so these companies often add other extracts, such as cherry and aloe vera, to make the shampoos smell better. These additional extracts may also help to smooth and soften one’s hair.

Though companies usually provide several versions of ginseng shampoo, some people either desire a more natural hair cleanser or want a more concentrated dose of ginseng. The best way to get both is by mixing one’s own shampoo. The simplest shampoo recipe involves adding about a teaspoon (about 5 ml) of ginseng extract to a 16 ounce (about 473 ml) bottle of glycerin shampoo. One may need to gently stir the shampoo to evenly distribute the extract. This technique also works with one’s favorite store-bought shampoo, though it may change the original scent.


Other ginseng shampoo recipes involve mixing equal parts water and unscented liquid hand soap with 2 tablespoons (about 10 ml) of ginseng extract, along with any other extracts one may want to include. Some popular options are tea tree oil, olive oil, green tea matcha powder, and aloe vera water. All of these herbs and oils purportedly soften and strengthen hair, help it grow faster, or keep one’s scalp healthy.

Chinese herbalists and holistic health practitioners both recommend ginseng to help hair grow faster and thicker. Though not scientifically proven, ginseng shampoo reportedly stimulates circulation in the scalp, increasing the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the hair follicles there. It is also supposed to remove buildup and unclog the follicles, allowing hair strands to plump up and grow in more thickly. Those with thinning hair or irritated scalps may benefit from using ginseng shampoo.

Extracts, oils, and tinctures made from ginseng actually come from ginseng root. This herb, native to China, features a thick, woody, aromatic root system. When harvested, the root is dried to intensify the oils within. It may then be shaved into small pieces or powdered and soaked in water or grain alcohol to transfer the benefits to liquid form.


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Post 3

Years ago, when I was in Germany, I used a ginseng shampoo that was wonderful. It made my hair soft, smooth and healthy. It reduced my hair loss and oiliness. Since leaving Germany, I have not been able to find a ginseng shampoo like that.

It's difficult to find a good ginseng shampoo on the market. There are not many options and most of them contain many chemicals and additives in addition to ginseng extract. So while the ginseng in the shampoo is beneficial for scalp and hair, I feel that the other ingredients are damaging.

I'm on the lookout for an all natural ginseng shampoo. I realize that it's bound to have other ingredients in it like other extracts to mask the scent. That's fine. I just don't want a shampoo loaded with alcohol, fragrance and sulfates.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- I don't have hair loss and I have never taken ginseng supplements, so I can't comment about that. But I do use a ginseng shampoo for my fine, limp hair and I love it. I have never had issues with it. This shampoo makes my hair very soft and clean. It also gives my hair volume which is exactly what I need. I never had hair loss to begin with so I don't know if it works for that. But I can tell you that my hair feels stronger and healthier with this shampoo.

Post 1

Does ginseng have side effects when used topically? Is it better to take ginseng supplements internally for hair loss or is it better to use a shampoo with ginseng?

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