What Is Ginseng Oil?

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Ginseng oil is a product that is used in alternative medicine and that is derived from the roots of the ginseng plant. The oil is used by proponents to treat a variety of illnesses, but most medical doctors have concluded that ginseng has only the possibility of helping to aid cold relief and type 2 diabetes. Certain types of ginseng oil are used as stimulants, which are types of products that can improve mental and physical function. This herb might interact with other supplements and medications, so patients should exercise caution before using it. Bottles of essential oils are the most common form of this product, but it also can be used in capsules, and both forms are sold online and in natural food stores.

Certain plants are a source of many essential oils that are available on the market, and the ginseng plant is one of them. The extract is derived directly from its roots and is sold as oil in bottles or made into oral supplements. Ginseng’s roots contain chemicals called ginsenosides, which are the source of the plant’s healing properties. There are two versions of the ginseng plant: Asian and American, and they are cultivated for similar purposes.


Some of the most common uses of ginseng oil include cold relief and prevention, as well as the improvement of blood circulation and glucose levels. Many medical practitioners regard the efficacy of ginseng in cold treatment, but as of 2011, there still was a general lack of evidence of its effects in patients who have high blood pressure and diabetes. The strength of the oil can vary between plants, so medical patients might not receive consistent treatment.

This type of herb is considered a stimulant, which can improve mental capacity and increase overall energy. It is thought by herbal practitioners that ginseng improves the endocrine and metabolic systems and can help remove toxins from the body. The oil also is considered a stress reducer when taken orally or utilized as aromatherapy. Examples of other more common forms of stimulants include coffee, soda and tea.

Although ginseng oil is considered a natural form of medicine, it can be just as powerful as conventional medications. Prescription drugs that are used for the treatment of diabetes and depression pose the greatest risk of interactions, as do blood-clotting medicines. Patients should consider consulting with their doctors before using ginseng to treat any type of disease, in order to minimize the risk of any side effects or drug interactions. Consumers also should be careful when mixing more than one essential oil, because certain herbs can react with one another.


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