What is Ginseng Coffee?

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In order to give regular coffee an added kick of energy and flavor, many sellers add ginseng to their brews. Ginseng coffee is typically made by infusing coffee beans or grounds with Panax quinquefolius, or ginseng herb, extract. The blend is considered to provide several health benefits, such as regulation of blood pressure and enhanced energy.

Ginseng coffee is typically available as any other form of coffee. Small individual use packets of this coffee can be purchased. Large bags of the coffee, which can be brewed at home or in a restaurant setting, are sold as well. Some types of ginseng coffees are sold specifically as health food supplements. These ginseng products often have other ingredients, such as honey and ginger.

Though most Western products contain American ginseng, Korean and Chinese ginseng are used for coffee ginseng supplements as well. The Asian herb has been used for centuries for its purported health and vitality benefits. Some people claim that ginseng products work as aphrodisiacs, though no studies have proven this.

The most common use for ginseng coffee is for mental stimulation. People who drink coffee to remain alert sometimes choose to use ginseng coffee for added pep and clarity. Some claim that they can process and recall information better when taking ginseng supplements. Ginseng proponents also say that the herb provides the benefits of being able to concentrate and respond to stimulus in a faster, more accurate fashion.


Blood circulation may be improved by drinking ginseng coffee. This may help people regulate blood pressure as well as blood sugar. Some proponents also say that the drink can help improve one's immune system. Some say the drink may even help prevent some types of cancers. Sellers claim that unlike other coffees, ginseng coffee also does not induce a jittery feeling in its drinkers.

Coffees made with ginseng can be prepared as any other type of coffee. Cream, sugar, milk, and any other flavorings coffee drinkers prefer may be added as desired. It typically can be brewed as any other coffee as well. Most coffee makers can be used to brew a pot of ginseng coffee. Coffee infused with ginseng may be enjoyed both hot or cold.

Another popular energy drink, ginseng tea, is also available. It can be purchased in loose leaf, bag, or prepared form. Ginseng tea is usually made with green tea, though it can also be sold as black tea.


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Post 5

Ginseng coffee is amazing; the taste is so good. It is one of my favorite drinks and I never faced any health problems like I had with regular coffee. It is very popular in my country (Italy) at the moment. --Pat

Post 4

I found that the best ginseng coffee comes from enerGinseng. You can find it online. They also seem like the most legit out of all those other brands.

Post 3

@burcinc-- If you have coffee jitters, than you should definitely switch to ginseng coffee.

I had the same problem with regular coffee. I love the smell and flavor of coffee. If someone makes it in the office and I smell it, I just have to have a cup. But I also have a very stressful life and coffee makes it worse because it increases anxiety and stress. Even when I have decaf coffee, I have these problems.

Ginseng on the other hand works to reduce anxiety. It has a calming affect on the body and mind. So adding ginseng to coffee balances out the negative affects of coffee. Ever since, I've switched over, I don't feel tense after

having coffee. I used to get a feeling like having butterflies in my stomach for no reason and that is also gone.

I've even made my coworkers switch over. Now, we only make ginseng coffee in the office and everyone loves it. I totally recommend it to you.

Post 2

@burcinc-- Well, it's a little bit of both. There is no prevalent ginseng taste in it, but it still tastes different than regular coffee.

I buy the premixed packets of ginseng coffee from the Asian supermarket. It is already sweetened and has milk powder or creamer in it. All I do is add hot water and the coffee is ready. It doesn't taste like filtered coffee at all, it tastes more like cappuccino to me, I really like it.

I guess if you bought the coffee beans and made it in a coffee machine, you can compare it to regular coffee.

Post 1

How does ginseng coffee taste and smell? Is it exactly the same as regular coffee or different?

I have not had ginseng before so I don't know what it tastes like. It sounds really great though. I get coffee jitters sometimes but I still have it every morning or I can't seem to wake up. It would be nice to have the benefits of coffee and avoid the side effects.

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