What is Ginkgo Biloba Tea?

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Ginkgo biloba tea is one of a few different ways of consuming ginkgo biloba. This herb comes from a tree and is known for several potential health benefits. Some of these benefits include memory enhancement, improvement to overall brain function, better circulation around the body, and antioxidant properties. There are also some dangers to consider, including hemorrhaging and bad drug interactions. The herb can also be taken in pill form, and while some people prefer that method, the tea is more traditional.

The majority of the supposed ginkgo biloba tea benefits come from improved circulation. When people consume ginkgo biloba, it keeps an individual’s veins from constricting as much and also lessens blood clotting. This can have benefits all over the body, although it can also have downsides.

Studies have shown that enhanced circulation to an individual's brain can help improve memory and make some people feel more alert. Some people use ginkgo biloba tea or pills before going to work every day as a way to help improve productivity. It’s also been used with reported success on people with dementia or other kinds of brain damage. Ginkgo biloba tea isn’t a cure for severe brain problems, but some experts suggest that people show measurable improvements when it’s used as part of a treatment program.


Brain function enhancement isn’t the only area where people have seen benefits from ginkgo biloba tea. For example, some people have experienced significant improvement in other circulation-based problems such as sexual impotence and claudication, which can cause swelling in the extremities. There are also studies showing that ginkgo can help people suffering from an age-related vision problem called macular degeneration.

Some other potential benefits of ginkgo biloba haven’t necessarily been studied that well. Many people suggest that it can help cure cancer or keep people from developing various health problems. There are also claims that ginkgo will drastically increase a person's lifespan. It is possible that there is some truth in some of these claims, but without further scientific study, it probably won’t be possible to absolutely confirm any of them.

If people consume ginkgo biloba under the wrong circumstances, there are also some potential downsides. For example, people who already consume aspirin as a blood thinner may have hemorrhaging in their brain and other areas if they also use ginkgo biloba. Most experts recommend that individuals make sure they aren’t taking any kind of medication that could cause problems when combined with ginkgo. Some people may also have other side effects such as stomach upset or difficulty sleeping.


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