What is Ginger Soap?

Ginger soap is a soap that contains either ground ginger or ginger essential oils. It is often a handmade soap made from organic ingredients that do not contain any artificial fragrances or additives. This type of soap can be in either bar or liquid form, though bar ginger soap seems to be more popular among those who make soap from organic and natural ingredients. Ginger has a number of beneficial properties, both medically and cosmetically.

Some consider ginger soap to be a good facial and skin cleanser. Ginger is known to improve circulation in the body. An increased blood flow, combined with the warming properties of ginger soap, can help lead to healthy and vibrant looking skin. These effects could give the skin a silky glow and a healthy appearance. The fragrant aroma of the soap will also leave the skin smelling fresh.

Many individuals find a detoxification bath using ginger soap can both refresh them and ease a variety of ailments. For years, people have been using ginger to increase circulation in the body, relieve symptoms associated with a cold or the flu, and as a natural detoxifier. Ginger can also reduce aches and pains caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other painful conditions of the joints and muscles. The medicinal properties in ginger help to stimulate the sweat glands. This effect results in a detoxification of the body in which harmful toxins are sweated out in the bath.

Ginger soap can be beneficial to those who are suffering from the symptoms of a cold or the flu. In addition to relieving achy muscles, a bath using this type of soap may help to lower high fevers and cleanse the body of harmful toxins. When the sweat glands in the body are stimulated by the ginger, the individual will begin to warm up and sweat at an increased rate. This detoxification process may at first bring about a slight headache, but the final result is often that the fever is sweated out and the toxins causing the cold or flu are released from the body.

The medicinal and cosmetic benefits of ginger soap help to make it a popular skin cleanser. Those who are allergic to certain additives and oils in traditional soaps may find that homemade soap using ginger as a fragrance is a good alternative. People with diabetes may also find ginger soap can help improve circulation in their hands and feet.

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Post 3

Ginger soap is my savior! I'm seven months pregnant and my morning sickness is pretty much gone now but I had it very badly the first several months. I couldn't get out of the bathroom for a couple of hours each morning, it was that bad and nothing I did worked...except ginger!

My mother in law came to visit with a couple of bags of stuff for me which included ginger candies and all natural ginger soap. I didn't know until then that ginger is extremely soothing to the stomach and is a great way to stop nausea. The candies were really helpful but I benefited from ginger soap a lot too.

When I woke up, I would take a piece of ginger candy and then take a shower with ginger soap. It stopped my urge to throw up right away. I have no idea how I would have gotten through those months without these two things.

Post 2

@burcinc-- That's a good question. I actually don't know but you could try putting it in the bath water and exfoliating your skin with it. It might not work exactly the same because I don't know if the soap has enough ginger in it to cause sweating.

You might be better off following the original recipe for the ginger bath and using the ginger soap for showering. Ginger is very good for the skin, so I'm sure you will benefit from it either way.

I use ginger soap to clean my face because ginger also has antiseptic properties. It kills bacteria and so it is really good for acne prone skin. The ginger soap I have also has honey in it which is a moisturizer. It works better than all of the other face cleansers I have tried and it's affordable.

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I picked up a few bars of ginger soap at the all natural store last week because it was on sale. I've heard about ginger's detox benefits but I'm not quite sure how to use it as a bar of soap.

My friend says that ginger bath is made with fresh grated ginger or maybe dry ginger powder. Apparently putting in a cup of fresh ginger or a tablespoon of dry ginger in the bath water will make you sweat for a couple of hours, which is the detox.

Is it possible to get the same exact benefit from ginger soap? If so, how am I supposed to use it?

Should I draw a bath and bathe with the soap or will showering with it be enough?

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