What is Ginger Juice?

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Ginger juice is a liquid pressed from the roots of the ginger plant. It can be used as a substitute for ginger in various recipes, and it may also appear as a flavoring in beverages. Some people take it specifically for the health benefits of ginger, often combining it with things like freshly juiced wheatgrass or carrot juice.

Ginger is a large tropical plant native to Asia. People cultivate the plant for the knobbly root, which is technically a rhizome, or underground stem. The root has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries, and it quickly became popular in Europe as well when it was exported. The flavor of ginger is slightly spicy and slightly sweet, with a strong kick in larger amounts.

The easiest way to make ginger juice is to grate a root, skin and all, and then squeeze the gratings in cheesecloth. The cheesecloth will allow the juice to drip through while preventing the chunks of ginger from escaping. Cooks with juicers can also just run ginger through the juicer, although this technique works best with large volumes of ginger. Some cooks have also found success with making ginger juice in a garlic press, since the ginger is too woody to be extruded through the garlic press. In this instance, the ginger should still be grated, to get the maximum amount of juice out.


Cooks who do not need large volumes of ginger juice may want to consider freezing whole ginger and grating a small amount as needed. The frozen ginger gratings can be quickly juiced in a garlic press or cheesecloth for a burst of flavor in food. The juice itself, unfortunately, does not freeze well, although it can be kept in the fridge for up to three days.

Some people like to use ginger juice in marinades, sauces, and dressings. Using juiced ginger helps to improve the flavor of the food without altering the texture with small chunks of ginger. The juice will also widely distribute throughout the sauce, for an even flavor. Ginger juice can also be used in recipes which call for whole ginger, such as stir fries, and it can be used in baking to zest up baked goods. Be careful when taking this juice straight, however, as it can burn the mouth and throat in high concentrations; it is better to cut pure ginger juice with water or fruit juice.


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If you enjoy juicing and are looking for something that has a lot of punch, try some wheatgrass juice with some ginger and a drop or two of lemon or tangerine essential oil.

I am always looking for different juice recipes and enjoy experimenting with different products and flavors. The health benefits are wonderful and I have found some great flavors when trying different juices.

For awhile I tried to write them all down so I would remember which ones were the best. I use ginger juice quite often because I love the flavor and it does blend well with several other juices.

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