What is Gendai Reiki?

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Gendai reiki is a Japanese type of reiki that is used for spiritual and physical healing. The techniques involved include breathing, meditation, visualization, self-purification and self-growth. The reiki is divided into four levels, and each level builds on the previous. This makes it easy for anyone to learn gendai reiki without having any previous experience. Each level of reiki can be mastered within two sessions over two days, or during a total of eight hours for the four sessions.

When doing reiki for the first time, a person is advised to begin at Level 1 and work his way up to Level 4. Once Level 4 has been mastered, the person receives a certificate that allows him to teach gendai reiki to others. When learning gendai reiki, one can learn as part of a group or learn one-on-one with a reiki teacher.

The four levels of gendai reiki are known as Shoden, Okuden, Shinpiden and Gokuikaiden. Shoden is known as the beginners level. It introduces a person to reiki, and helps him to find inner peace and quiet through breathing and meditation techniques. At this level, people begin to learn the basics of self-healing, energy channeling, self-purification and self-growth.


Okuden, also known as "inner teaching," is the second level. This level introduces the use of symbols, which are used during more advanced spiritual treatments. People are introduced to healing the past and the future, as well as to distant healing. Distant healing allows the people to send healing energy to another person, without that person being in the same room.

Shinpiden, which is also known as "mystery teaching," is the third level of gendai reiki. It provides a person with the last symbol and helps him to search the soul deep within for a higher level of spirituality. The methods used in this level are breathing, visualization and meditation.

Gokuikaiden is the fourth and highest level of gendai reiki. It is also known as the "master's degree." Once completed, the practitioner is qualified to help others in gendai reiki training, while he is encouraged to take the experience of healing to new heights.

The benefits of gendai reiki include a higher level of spirituality, self-growth and self-awareness. It helps the practitioner to be calmer and happier, even if he is going through difficult times. It can help to overcome depression, stress and other emotional ailments, as well as physical illnesses.


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