What is Gastropathy?

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Used in medical terminology, gastropathy may refer to any number of medical conditions or diseases that affect the stomach. There are several related conditions that are distinct diseases. For example, portal hypertensive gastropathy and hyperplastic gastropathy produce different symptoms. Ménétrier's disease is a complex disorder wthat affects stomach lining and may cause debilitating symptoms. Non-bleeding erythematous gastropathy is another condition that may require treatment with medications.

Stomach disease may come in various forms and because of this, any number of chronic stomach-related illnesses may be classified as gastropathy. In effect, any disease that causes pain, inflammation, stomach bleeding, or other digestive issues may be placed in that category. For example, patients who have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis may suffer from gastric symptoms. Some symptoms that can occur may include ulcerations on the stomach lining and recurrent nausea. Stomach bleeding may or may not be directly related to the condition.

Patients who suffer from the erythematous form of this condition will typically develop ulcer-like sores and abrasions in the stomach lining or intestines. These may become inflamed, causing extreme pain or mild discomfort. In some cases, bleeding may occur. This may be treated with medication or surgery if necessary.


Hypertrophic gastropathy may be caused by several factors including genetic disposition and even stress. Inflammation and pain are typical symptoms, as well as excess mucus in the stomach lining. Patients suffering from this condition experience nausea and vomiting most commonly. In cases where obstruction has occurred, surgical intervention may be required.

Something referred to as diabetic gastropathy can be described as a stomach-related condition affecting diabetics. This disease may produce various symptoms localized in the gastrointestinal tract due to malabsorption of insulin. Nausea and vomiting may occur in patients suffering from this diabetic stomach-related issue. Most commonly, the symptoms may be controlled by modifying one's diet and regulating the levels of glucose in the body.

Erosive gastropathy is a condition typically caused by medications that destroy the lining of the stomach. This may cause lesions or eroded tissue damage, and often a painful burning sensation. Stomach bleeding is not common with the erosive form of this disorder, although it can occur in more severe cases. In order for the condition to fully heal, patients should stop using medications that have caused contusions or damage.


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