What Is Garden Real Estate?

Terry Masters

Garden real estate is a type of specialty property that includes a house with a particularly noteworthy garden that increases the property's value. Real estate agents segment property into niche categories to target certain buyers and highlight features that agents believe will add value to the property. In addition to the niche category of garden real estate, agents promote many other property categories, such as beachfront and lakefront real estate.

Beachfront and lakefront real estate, like garden real estate, is a niche category.
Beachfront and lakefront real estate, like garden real estate, is a niche category.

Purchasing a house is typically a major acquisition for most people. In many instances, people buy one house and stay in it for their entire lifetime. Real estate agents know that buyers place a lot of weight on housing purchases and are always looking for ways to distinguish properties so they can obtain the best price. As salespeople, the agent's goal is to make every parcel of property seem special by highlighting unique features.

The real estate industry uses the same sorts of marketing techniques to sell property as a retailer uses to sell products in a store. One of the most effective ways to sell a product is to define it by features and identify the market segment that would be most interested in those features. It then becomes easier to direct resources to the advertising vehicles that seem most likely to generate a response from the target market.

A popular real estate marketing niche is garden real estate. One of the distinguishing features of this type of property is a particularly beautiful or noteworthy garden landscape design. This type of feature appeals to many people who do not want to buy a home on the beach or the lake or in the mountains. Like those other categories, the buyer who is interested in a home with a lovely garden has a particular profile. The real estate industry targets this profile in an attempt to maximize the property's value by selling it to someone who particularly values its most prominent feature.

Real estate agents tend to place garden real estate into one of three categories. The most expensive or prominent category contains property with gardens that were designed by a famous landscape designer. Gardens designed by professional landscape designers or architects fall into the second category. Houses with particularly large gardens or beautiful gardens that were designed by previous owners make up the final category. Typically, these categories distinguish how much value the gardens add to the property and ultimately affect the sales price.

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