What is Garden Lighting?

G. Wiesen

Garden lighting refers to any type of lighting used with a garden or similar outdoor area. This type of lighting often serves both a practical purpose — to provide light to an area for easier night time navigation — and an aesthetic purpose — to look nice and enhance the visual appeal of an area during low light conditions. Different types of lighting can include path lighting, flood lights, underwater lights for gardens with a pond or waterfall, and different types of lanterns that may be hung or positioned throughout a garden. Garden lighting is often considered an integral part of a garden’s visual appeal and may be incorporated into a garden’s initial design.

A garden water feature with underwater lighting.
A garden water feature with underwater lighting.

The most common types of garden lighting are usually practical lighting, such as path lighting or small floodlights. While these can often be electrically powered through the use of batteries or an electrical connection running from a house, they can also be solar powered and include panels to charge during the day. This type of solar lighting is not only inexpensive, since it requires no additional power, it can also be practical since most gardens are established in an area that will receive plenty of sunlight for the plants to grow.

Garden lights often serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.
Garden lights often serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Path lighting usually consists of a number of lights that run along a path, and provide greater visibility for someone navigating the area in the dark. These types of lights will commonly consist of small lanterns that run along the path, and may be fairly bright or just bright enough to make the steps of the path visible. Flood lights are also a fairly common type of garden lighting, and usually consist of lights that can be aimed or directed at a certain region. These types of lights are often used to highlight certain features of a garden or outdoor area and make those features more visible during the evening.

Underwater lighting is a type of garden lighting typically found in gardens that include a pond, waterfall, or similar water feature. These lights are usually located beneath the surface of the water and serve to make the water feature more pronounced when viewed at night. They often produce colored light to make the feature even more prominent. Lanterns or light posts are also fairly common as a type of garden lighting, allowing opportunities for excellent visibility and stylish designs in the garden.

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