What is Garden Leave?

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Sometimes known as gardening leave, a garden leave is a policy that allows an employee who is leaving an employer to stay away from the workplace during the notice period. During the leave, the employee continues to remain on the payroll and is compensated for the duration of the notice. This term is most commonly used in the United Kingdom, although regions in a number of countries with some past or present connection to the British Empire may also have a policy that includes garden leave.

The fanciful name for this type of separation from an employer comes from the concept of being allowed to go home and enjoy working in the garden. During this period, the employee is free to pursue any interests he or she desires, without fear of losing the benefits specified in the leave arrangement. As long as the employee abides by the guidelines put in place by the erstwhile employer, wages or salary continues for the duration of the notice. In some cases, other benefits such as health coverage also remain intact until the leave is officially over, allowing the employee to make the transition a little easier.


A garden leave may come about when an employee chooses to tender a resignation. In this instance, the amount of notice given in advance may result in the employer deciding that there is no need for the employee to work out that notice. Instead, he or she is allowed to vacate the position immediately, although wages or salary is still provided for the period of the notice.

Some employers will also make use of a garden leave as part of the process of dismissing an employee. In this scenario, an employee is notified that his or her position is terminated as of a certain date. The employee is normally allowed to collect his or her personal belongings and is escorted from the premises. As part of the termination arrangement, the employee continues to receive salary or wages for a period of time that is defined by the company’s policies and procedures, or the provisions regarding termination that are found in the employment contract.

During a garden leave, the employee must still observe all responsibilities that come with active employment, including any non-compete clause that is found in his or her employment contract. This means that the employee is not free to take on work that is in direct competition with the products and services offered by the former employer, usually for a specified period of time. Sharing proprietary information with those outside the company is also considered a breach of the garden leave and could result in the lost of wages or other benefits for that period. In addition, any breach of the terms of the employment contract could result in legal action filed by the offended party.


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Post 3

In many cases, garden leave is a nice way of saying that a person has been put on suspension and is no longer wanted by his employer. In other cases the garden leave may be in prelude to further investigation of the employee's actions that have brought him into a negative light.

Post 2

One major problem with the garden leave policy is that employees are not allowed to obtain other employment while they are on garden leave. Sure they are getting paid, but they have to abide by the rules of the agreement which may restrict them from moving on with their professional lives.

Post 1

While I had not heard of garden leave before reading this article. According to the garden leave definition given here, the policy appears to be a win-win situation for the employee, especially when he has given notice and is asked not to come into work and still receives a paycheck.

Also, garden leave sounds like what I think of as a simple severance package.

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