What is Gang Stalking?

Maggie J. Hall

Gang stalking refers to harassment and intimidation tactics used by a group of individuals against another person or toward a smaller group of people. People may initiate this type of civil offense because they are intolerant of another person for numerous reasons, which might include differing beliefs or lifestyles, jealousy, or racial prejudice. Stalkers generally design the covert methods used for psychological harassment to exact revenge, coerce silence, or cast out persons having opposing views. While gang stalking is considered a misdemeanor in some states, the offense carries felony penalties in others.

Jealousy may be a cause of gang stalking.
Jealousy may be a cause of gang stalking.

The number of people involved in the gang varies. Individuals might receive gang intimidation from a handful of people in a work environment, or they may be targeted by an entire community. Victims relaying claims of gang stalking perceive the attackers as well-organized groups of people, who not only communicate with one another in a certain location but also pursue the target in other areas by means of extensive contacts. Leaders generally enlist the aid of other individuals in the gang by various methods, which typically include providing false information about the victim, manipulating potential members, or employing those with similar criminal backgrounds.

The list of physical tactics used against victims generally includes stalking behavior and unwanted attention.
The list of physical tactics used against victims generally includes stalking behavior and unwanted attention.

Victims may be from any gender or socioeconomic background. These persons may outperform other co-workers, or have a set of standards that separates them from other people in an environment. Gang stalking frequently uses practices meant to destroy the victim’s qualities. These acts might include blaming the target for a gang member’s mistakes or taking credit for what the victim accomplished. In an effort to discredit a person or to add to the weaponry for the attack gang stalkers may perpetuate the notion that the target is mentally impaired or dangerous in some manner, forcing the person to undergo evaluation.

The list of physical tactics used against victims generally includes stalking behavior and unwanted attention. The majority of persons under attack report that stalkers frequently mirror the victim’s behavior. Gang stalking might include mirroring physical gestures or verbal comments. Many victims relay that gang members often enter or leave properties and other locations at the same time as the target. Victims also frequently report that stalkers often repeat private conversations occurring in a home environment or over the phone.

Gang stalking targets might also experience hang-up calls or calls from wrong phone numbers throughout the day. Attackers may enter homes illegally or employ the assistance of the target’s friends or family. In an attempt to confuse the victim or to cause them to doubt their own logic and reasoning, stalkers might rearrange or steal personal items in the work place or home. The criminal offenses of stalkers may become more aggressive or violent against the target, family members or pets.

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This is happening to me, my daughter who is only 14, and my service animal as well. It’s highly illegal, it’s a federal crime. I’m tired of it! We’ve been pushing back now and I will keep pushing back, until they are all exposed. Ignorance is no excuse! Those who participate are as guilty as those who orchestrate! They all need to be held responsible for their actions.

They killed my best friend with their non stop crap -- he took his own life. I wish I could rewind time, and believe what he was telling me. I thought he was just being paranoid. He wasn’t, and I know that now. I will not let go of this until justice is served. It’s wrong, sick, bullying, downright messed up! Awareness will help. And law enforcement, does participate. Not all. But yes, protect and serve? Think about that, law enforcement officers. It’s wrong, it’s a hate crime, and it’s illegal.


This is sick and justice shall prevail!


The presence of this in our current cultural climate has increased exponentially. With the lack of integrity and honesty in our culture growing, I don't see this being a downward trend.

Employers are doing it in collusion friends and business associates. Families are doing it to family members. Friends are doing it to 'friends'.

As much as people want to stop what is happening to them, they realize they just have to deal with it day in and day out, because the perpetrators have covered their tracks effectively.


It has been happening to me for about five years. I am being listened to. They have looked up my whole family and all my past relationships, even though I have been faithfully married for 43 years.

It has been intimated it's legal, they had a need to know, they are watching me--etc. They did it to my daughter too. She went into mental health custody because of it. It is exhausting as it goes on 24/7.

There have been cross burnings, stolen trucks, missing things in the home. Just ongoing harassment and creepy stuff, four dead pets plus another burned cat that did not belong to me.

It has been community wide, and I probably will contact the FBI, as local authorities are stretched to the limit. This is five years of my life that I've lived in fear.


Gangstalking is a myth. But it's still happening. You have to ask yourself, how? How does it work? Are you being stalked, harassed, chemtrailed or mind controlled? Can't figure out what is going on? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Open your eyes.

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