What Is Gan Mao Ling?

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Gan Mao Ling is a traditional Chinese medication that is made of various herbs, along with different types of additives. This supplement is designed to relieve and alleviate common cold and flu symptoms. It is used to not only eliminate these symptoms, but as a precautionary barrier against them as well, by naturally boosting the immune system within the body. They are formed into basic herbal pills, which in order for the Gan Mao Ling to work effectively, must be taken in the proper dosage amounts and at regular intervals throughout the day. This ensures that the medicine is constantly circulating through the bloodstream, which effectively boosts the immune system and fights off all of the cold and flu symptoms that may try to cause problems to the person exposed to them.

The idea behind these pills revolves around the beliefs of ancient oriental thought processes and ancient medical practices. According to documents that have been handed down through the generations, the common cold or flu does not absorb into the body immediately upon contact. Instead, it remains on the surface of the skin for a short period of time. This is why Gan Mao Ling works so effectively because it destroys the virus before it is absorbed into the body. In this way, cold and flu viruses can be combated before they even begin showing signs and symptoms within the body.


This alternative medicine can be used to fight off all infections of the common cold and flu, especially ones that include a high fever. It also effectively eliminates a runny nose, muscle soreness, red eyes, chills, headaches, and even sore throat. Basically, Gan Mao Ling has been found to be effective against all of the symptoms associated with these types of minor medical conditions, which allows people to take a natural cure instead of using processed pills.

As with any other type of medicine, whether herbal or not, it is possible to have some negative side effects from them. Gan Mao Ling pills are manufactured by using cool herbs and additives so with prolonged use, stomach problems could surface. This includes diarrhea and upset stomach, as well as nausea in some cases. If other serious medical conditions exist they should not be taken until a medical provider has been consulted, as well as pregnant and nursing women. Even though no serious complications have been found in people in these conditions, it is always recommended to discuss the ingredients and the expected usage of any type of medication with a physician.


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Post 4

@Ana1234: There are safeguards with this type of medicine, it's called GMP manufacturing practices, scientific identification of correct species of herbs, and their therapeutic compounds. You just need to know which company provides these safeguards. The fact that you trust a industry hell bent on keeping people sick is awful. Do research.

@lluviaporos: The flu shot is a completely ineffective preventative measure used to make people sick. They use last year's most prevalent strain of flu in this year's shot. Now, if you knew anything about biochemistry, and diseases, you'd know that these influenzas mutate many times over, so an effective shot is not only impossible, but hazardous. This doesn't include the many additives and preservatives that are getting send into the system.

By the way, search online for Chinese herbal research. They far outweigh the effectiveness of pharma.

Post 3

@Ana1234 - There are plenty of reasons to argue against modern medicine as a whole, though. Not always, I agree, but I've always related to the fact that doctors prescribe medicines far too readily and that overuse can train the immune system to stop working.

If you can find a way to get natural Chinese herbs for gan mao ling it can be a much gentler way of treating colds. But, personally, I think people should just ride them out. You'll be stronger for it in the long run.

Post 2

@Iluviaporos - To my mind, the problem is that there is no safeguard for this kind of "medicine". I'm not willing to take the word of the kindly man in the market. I'm not even willing to take the word of people who slap a label on it and sell it in the supermarket. Because they aren't considered to be "modern medicines" legally, they don't have to be tested by the FDA which means that they could have something in there that might kill you, even by accident.

I trust modern medicine much further than I trust traditional remedies, because I know that there is a system of laws backing me up. They aren't always perfect, but it's better than nothing.

Post 1

There's probably not much harm in taking this kind of herbal medicine, but I wouldn't take it over the flu shot. I think the problem comes when people give greater credence to traditional medicines than to modern medicines, which have been tested and shown to work.

So, if I was particularly worried about colds and the flu, I would take both this and the flu shot, as well as doing common sense measures like washing my hands when necessary.

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