What Is Gaming Management?

Steve R.

Gaming management is a program that prepares an individual to carry out the administrative duties for a gaming establishment such as a casino. The program may train a person to become a gaming manager, who is responsible for managing staff, dealing with complaints, and tending to guests in a gambling environment. Gaming management programs may vary in length and may be taken at colleges, casinos, or online through accredited institutions. Courses generally include gaming law, accounting, and hospitality marketing.

Las Vegas is one destination for someone seeking employment in gaming management.
Las Vegas is one destination for someone seeking employment in gaming management.

When a person successfully completes a gaming management program he or she may find employment in Las Vegas or at other locations around the world where gaming is found. In addition, the program may prepare a person for other careers in the gaming industry. This may include a gaming surveillance operator who is responsible for overseeing security and mid-level gaming operations managers who supervise others and ensure that gaming regulations are followed. In addition, gaming management can prepare a person for other positions including shift manager, casino financial analyst, pit manager, or casino host.

Gaming management programs are helpful for an individual seeking to work at a casino.
Gaming management programs are helpful for an individual seeking to work at a casino.

Training programs prepare a person to handle large customer volume as well as specific games. In addition, some programs prepare an individual to serve alcoholic beverages and prepare food. Training can help prepare a person for dealing with employee issues that may arise, such as health care provision and the necessity of disciplinary actions.

To enroll in a program, generally a person needs a high school diploma. Coursework focuses on the daily operations of a casino or gaming establishment. Topics that may be covered include shuffling, methods of payouts and issuing markers. To teach how a casino or gaming establishment runs, courses also may deal with surveillance and security. As most gambling establishments are open around the clock, year round, gaming management teaches how to evaluate staffing needs.

Other aspects that may be covered in a gaming program may be psychological elements and how gambling affects tourism. Psychological elements can include the pros and cons of the gaming industry such as compulsive behavior and gambling addiction. Training may also address how gaming impacts crime rates as well the economy.

A gaming management program trains an individual how to deal with money and may include financial accounting, math, and computer courses. Some programs may also offer leadership courses and communication classes to help handle customers and staff. Another component of a gaming management program may include a supervised internship. Internships offer hands-on experience working at a gambling establishment.

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@whiteplane - You seem to know a lot about this. What are the good schools if I am thinking of getting a degree in gaming management And can I get hired on with just a bachelors or do most places require some kind of advanced degree or an accounting degree? Thanks!


Gaming management is a growing field. More and more states are legalizing gambling in one form or another and there are now more casinos and gaming establishments across the country than there has ever been before.

Each casino needs its own management hierarchy. There are gambling executives, middle managers and pit bosses at every casino nation wide. Anyone that thinks they might have a flare for this kind of work should think about getting a proper education in the field and then going out and getting one of these jobs. Gambling is a not going anywhere and it's only getting bigger.


Gaming management is a serious business and it takes a diverse skill set. First and foremost, any aspiring gaming manager has to be good with numbers. Running a casino effectively is all about the details and there are literally tens of thousands of small transactions taking place over the course of a night. Keeping track of all this data and maintaining the bottom line are key duties of a gaming manager.

But there are many other concerns. There are a number of human resources challenges to face. It takes a number of highly trained employees to keep a gaming floor running and all of these must be managed carefully. There are also government regulations to keep in mind. Casinos are very strictly controlled and monitored and there are serious penalties for infractions. A gaming manager has to ensure that their operation is always within the bounds of the law.

I could go on but I think you see my point. This is hard work. It takes a uniquely talented individual to do it well.

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