What Is Frozen Yogurt Mix?

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Frozen yogurt mix is a product used by restaurants and other manufacturers to store the core ingredients of frozen yogurt for extended periods of time. The frozen yogurt mix itself comes in a liquid form and a powdered form. Both types yield the same results, though with slightly different properties. The mixes are specially processed to be shelf stable and are reconstituted when needed for use. There are a variety of flavors and attributes that provide a wide selection of mixes for those requiring them.

Frozen yogurt is a tart, ice-cream like food. When made fresh, it has a very limited shelf life. The use of a frozen yogurt mix allows a business to keep a supply of consistent-quality frozen yogurt on the premises without the need to mix and freeze a new batch from scratch each time more is needed.

A liquid frozen yogurt mix is concentrated, flavored yogurt that has been pasteurized and frozen. It is intended to be added to a frozen yogurt base. The liquid is usually flavored with anything from vanilla to fruits. The liquid mix does not have as long of a shelf life as the powdered mix, but the texture it provides is very smooth and creamy.


Powdered frozen yogurt mix has a very long lifespan. It also is intended to be mixed with a yogurt base for use. True to the nature of the powder and yogurt, it does not incorporate into the yogurt base as well as the liquid would. This can lead to a product that has a slight grit to it, or one in which the powder can be seen in the yogurt when the mixing is done.

The industrial process of creating a frozen yogurt mix begins with milk solids and milk fat. These ingredients are mixed together with sugar or another sweetener and gelatin. Once the ingredients are mixed, they are frozen. At this point, the yogurt cultures are added and the temperature increased. The batch is allowed to age, giving the cultures a chance to grow and permeate the mixture.

Once this process is completed, any special additions to the frozen yogurt are added. The mixture is pasteurized and then moved on to special machines to be turned into a concentrated liquid or a powdered frozen yogurt mix. Powdered mixes are dried into a powder while liquid mixes are further heated and processed. It should be noted that there are no live cultures in the powdered mixes. At this point, the mixes are ready for shipping.

There are many flavors available for frozen yogurt mixes and many special properties that can be added. One popular addition is more probiotics, or healthy bacteria. A mix also might incorporate different vitamins to fortify the frozen yogurt. Finally, some mixes use caffeine and coffee derivatives to provide a boost to the person eating the yogurt.


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Post 3

@umbra21 - I don't think it's necessary to make your own frozen yogurt from a mix anyway. Either get it already made up from a supermarket or make it from scratch at home. Making it from a mix seems to only really be a good idea for companies that need to provide consistent quality.

Post 2

@irontoenail - If you don't mind your frozen yogurt being quite hard then you can just make it yourself by mixing it up and then freezing it in the freezer. But most people want the soft texture of commercial frozen yogurt and for that you will need a machine. You could probably use an ice-cream maker if you have one of those, but the mix has to be agitated while it freezes or it will freeze into a solid block more like ice.

My friend who was in the boy scouts told me that they used to make ice cream by putting the milk and sugar into a can and then putting that into a bigger can with a layer of ice and rolling it around the yard for an hour until it froze. But most people aren't going to have the patience or time to do that.

Post 1

I have seen frozen yogurt mix in supermarkets and always assumed it was a mixture that contained yogurt cultures and that you would have to add milk and grow it yourself. I didn't realize you could get a mix that was already yogurt that had just been powdered and could be made up like custard can be.

I might have to give it a go then, although I would have to figure out a way to do it without getting a frozen yogurt maker that is usually advertised alongside the mixes. I have enough frivolous appliances in my kitchen to last a lifetime.

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