What is Free PDF Editor Software?

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Free PDF editor software is a type of computer software designed to allow a user to edit and make changes to a PDF file without having to buy more expensive software programs. These types of programs are often available for free download and use from a number of different websites and can have varying degrees of utility and functionality built into them. Free PDF editor software is often intended for private or personal use, and though businesses may take advantage of such programs, more powerful document creation and editing software is typically preferable.

A PDF is a type of computer file that typically is used to store text and images for use in presentations, creating pamphlets and brochures, and easy distribution across electronic media such as the Internet. The extension of the file type stands for “portable document format” and is typically associated with programs such as Adobe® Acrobat® that easily allow these files to be opened and accessed by numerous users. There are typically free programs that allow a user to download and view the information in a PDF file, and potentially add to some areas as well, but these programs do not always allow a user to edit the PDF file in more meaningful ways.


Free PDF editor software is designed to allow a user to be able to extensively change a PDF file and potentially create his or her original PDF documents as well. What these programs are capable of doing typically depends on the type of editor program used and the other programs a user may have access to. Some types of free PDF editor software will simply allow a user to access PDF documents and rearrange the order of pages within the document, along with other similar basic editing. While these programs may not be as powerful as other editors, they can allow enough functionality for some uses.

There are other free PDF editor software packages, however, that will allow a user to import a PDF into another program to allow the user to use that program to make changes to the file. These types of editor programs will also usually allow the user to then save the completed project as a PDF file for use in distribution and display. While these types of solutions may not be quite as effective as purchasing software from a company like Adobe® that can allow full access and editing of PDF files, a free PDF editor software program is also quite a bit cheaper than a professional program.


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