What is Formica Rufa?

Formica rufa is a homeopathic remedy made from the red fire ant. A patient with muscle pain, soreness, or restlessness may be prescribed formica rufa by a trained homeopathic physician. It may also be given to relieve the symptoms associated with gout, rheumatoid arthritis, vertigo, nausea and headache. Cold tends to aggravate the illnesses for which formica rufa is prescribed. This homeopathic remedy has no known side effects. Some people claim that this remedy significantly helps their symptoms, but this anecdotal evidence must be supported by additional independent, clinical, double-blind studies.

To make formica rufa, the fire ant's body is ground up and diluted with lactose powder, alcohol, or distilled water. The process of dilution continues until there is no cellular evidence of the ant in the final product. The different diluted products are made into pellets, a tincture, or a water-based liquid.

The individualized treatment prescribed by a homeopathic physician takes into account the physical and mental symptoms that the patient is experiencing. The patient may complain of physical symptoms including right-sided joint pain, muscle tightness, and the feeling that the muscles are being torn from the bone. Hips may be sore and legs may seem weaker than usual. The patient may be experiencing vertigo and a headache near the left ear as well as nausea. Restlessness and agitation are the primary mental symptoms that indicate to a homeopath that this may be the correct remedy.

Another indication that formica rufa is the correct homeopathic remedy is if the patient's complaints become worse when exposed to cold or damp conditions. Movement may make the symptoms worse. Massage and dry heat may relieve some of the pain in muscles.

For best results, any homeopathic remedy should be taken under the tongue at least 30 minutes before or after eating or drinking. The most often prescribed tincture dosage is one to five drops of 6x remedy. According to the packaging, the pellet dosage is generally five tablets taken three times per day.

Formica rufa has no known side effects. Even so, women who are pregnant or nursing may want to consult with their doctor before self-medicating with formica rufa. Those with chronic illnesses should do likewise.

Most of the evidence supporting formica rufa as a legitimate treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and other diseases comes from patients' personal accounts. Although anecdotal evidence is important, it cannot stand alone. To validate and support the anecdotal evidence, double-blind clinical studies are necessary.

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Post 4

@bagley79 - As far as the restless leg syndrome I really don't know. I have been using this mostly for rheumatism problems, but it probably has a lot of other uses as well.

You would probably have the best luck ordering this online. This is where I order mine from, along with other herbs and supplements.

Some homeopathic remedies are pretty well-known, and there are others that are more obscure. Formica rufa is one of those that most people have never heard of.

I have never seen it carried in any of the local health food stores I shop at, so it isn't widely known by a lot of people. If you can find a natural solution that works for you, that is always the best way to go.

Post 3

After reading through this article, I wonder if formica rufa would work for something like restless leg syndrome?

I have this in my right leg which causes a lot of restlessness, which, in turn, makes me very agitated.

I am taking some medication for this, but I find that it makes me feel nauseated and then wonder if it is doing much good or not.

I am also wondering where you buy something like this. I have never heard of it before and don't live very close to a big health food store.

Post 2

@sunshined - I have not used formica rufa for arthritis, but have had good results using it for muscle pain and headaches.

I work closely with a homeopathic doctor, and she is the one that suggested it to me. Even though I like to use homeopathic remedies, I was a little skeptical of this one at first.

The results were positive though, and I am glad I found something that works without side effects.

Some doctors are reluctant to try something like this, so I would work closely with your doctor before giving it a try. They need to know what you are doing in case something would interfere with what you are already taking.

I wouldn't do anything without checking with your doctor first, but hopefully you will have a chance to give it a try.

Post 1

It's hard to believe that a product from fire ants could be so beneficial. I am not surprised by this, I just find it very fascinating.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and am currently taking medication for it. I would love to be off these drugs, but it is the only way I get relief from my symptoms.

The worst part about taking these medications are the side effects that go along with them. If I could find something that works without side effects, I think it would certainly be worth trying.

Has anybody used fomrica rufa with good results for rheumatoid arthritis?

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