What is Fogile D'Oliva Pasta?

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As a colorful Italian pasta option that includes extra flavor and color to just about any pasta dish, fogile d'oliva pasta is a great way to add some visual interest to your meals. Here are some basics of fogile d'oliva pasta pasta, as well as a few suggested applications for this unique pasta.

One of the interesting aspects of fogile d'oliva pasta pasta is the shape. In fact, the name of the pasta is indicative of the shape. Fogile d’oliva is created to resemble an olive leaf. Because of the interesting shape of the olive leaf pasta, fogile d'oliva pasta pasta can be used to create all the usual pasta dishes, while giving the dish a look that will attract and delight people gathered at the table.

Along with the distinctive shape of olive leaves, fogile d'oliva pasta pasta also boasts a green hue that adds a second layer of visual interest to any pasta recipe. Incorporating spinach powder into the dough before the pasta is shaped creates the green shade. Along with adding a touch of color, the inclusion of the spinach powder enhances the taste of the pasta. The extra flavor makes the it especially good with cold pasta salads that are tossed in oil and vinegar.


There are several good things about fogile d'oliva pasta pasta. First, the unique shape of the pasta can make recipes that are served regularly appear to be something new and different. Along with the appearance, the texture of fogile d'oliva pasta pasta is such that all sorts of sauces cling to the pasta with great ease. Whether the sauce is tomato based or created with a blend of olive oil and flavored vinegar, the coating will stick evenly. This property will go a long way toward helping every bite to be as flavorful as the last. A final attribute of fogile d'oliva pasta pasta is that the spinach taste tends to blend well with the spices and herbs used in the sauces or dressings, neither overpowering or being lost in the overall taste of the dish.

Finding fogile d'oliva pasta pasta may take some effort. Typically, supermarkets do not carry this type of pasta. However, upscale food markets that deal with more exotic foods may have both dried and frozen fogile d'oliva pasta pasta for sale. Along with the boutique food shops, fogile d'oliva pasta pasta is sometimes found at locally owned markets that specialize in Italian based ingredients for recipes. A third alternative is to make a visit to a local health food grocer. Because of the presence of the spinach powder in the pasta dough, fogile d'oliva pasta pasta is often perceived as having a lower cholesterol count, which makes it an ideal pasta option for persons attempting to eat well. While it may take some time to locate fogile d'oliva pasta pasta, the taste and the unique shape and color make it well worth the effort.


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