What is Flightseeing?

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Flightseeing is, in a most basic definition, sightseeing from the air. Because there are many regions and locations in the world that are incredible difficult, if not impossible, to reach by foot, some tourism helicopter services offer flights to such destinations. Some types of flightseeing do not, actually, involve touching down at a specific location. Rather, flightseeing might just involve a trip over certain area so that the passengers may see it from above.

Flightseeing is especially popular in Alaska, where helicopter rides are a more regular part of daily life than in most other places. Because so much of Alaska is still wild and does not have inroads, many people commute from town to town by way of helicopter. Flightseeing companies, such as Talkeetna Air Taxi, offer helicopter rides to locations such as Mt. McKinley and the glacier in Denali National Park. Flightseeing trips can include everything from a short trip of under an hour to an affair that takes numerous days. These longer trips can include multiple stops, and time to hike and climb different areas. New Zealand, which also has some otherwise inaccessible natural gems, is home to flightseeing companies as well.


There are some beautiful parts of the world that can be very well enjoyed from the sky. There are flightseeing companies, for example, that offer trips over the Grand Canyon. By taking a route that offers passengers to see the Grand Canyon from a number of different angles and elevations, its beauty can be thoroughly enjoyed. Furthermore, passengers can get a sense of how long and vast the canyon is.

But flightseeing is not only for areas of the world that are otherwise difficult to access. In fact, some of the most inhabited places on the entire globe have a thriving flightseeing industry. Many people enjoy aerial tours of the major cities that they visit. What better way to enjoy the skyline of a beautiful city like San Francisco, New York, or Toronto, than to see it from the sky?

If you happen to visit a lakes region, like the Adirondack Mountains, you might be able to do your flightseeing from a sea plane. A sea plane is basically a helicopter that takes off from and lands upon water. Chartering a sea plane trip can be a great way to view the beauty of the mountains and the lakes in the valleys.


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