What is Flash&Reg; Web Development?

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Flash® web development is the process of building and designing Websites, applications, and elements that use Flash® software. Using Flash® web development, designers can build animated Websites with unique functionality and navigation. When paired with Java® web development techniques, developers can also create Flash® powered applications and web design elements that offer a range of interactive capabilities.

The software used in Flash® web development, called Adobe Flash®, was created by Adobe Systems Incorporated, formerly Macromedia®. Adobe Flash® may be purchased in a bundle called the Adobe Creative Suite® that includes several Flash® development tools. Using Adobe Flash® software and Flash® web development techniques, Website designers can create sites that offer support to a range of mobile devices including smartphones, netbooks, and personal computers.

Flash® Websites are known for interactive features. Elements of the design may move, change colors, disappear completely, or otherwise interact with the user. For this reason, Flash® web development has been a popular tool for creating online gaming sites and sales pages. By creating an interactive user experience, Flash® Website design makes it possible for webmasters to keep visitors entertained for longer periods of time, thus improving conversion rates as compared with traditional, less interactive designs.


In addition to the interactive features of Flash® web development, it also offers the ability to incorporate high-definition (HD) videos and rich audio experiences into design elements. As a result, Flash® is regularly used on Internet video sites and in banner advertisements. With very modest consumption of resources, Flash® powered web elements can deliver a total audiovisual experience that can be viewed on both personal computers and mobile devices with same high level of quality.

Using Flash® web development tools, web designers and developers can create Flash® Websites and applications that are more artistic than ever before. By mapping out locations and functions over images, designers can eliminate the straight-edged, box-type designs used in older Websites and can instead build sites with rounded corners, moving elements, and artistic embellishments. With the use of Flash® design elements, web designers and developers can create entire Flash® Websites that function from a single page, sliding elements into the frame and back out, thus decreasing load times and providing a fluid user experience.


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