What is Flab?

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Flab refers to layers of skin which hang down or create rolls of excess skin. Flab can refer to fat on the human body which hangs down, or it may refer to sagging areas of skin that appear after dramatic weight loss. The terms flab and fat are often used interchangeably. Flab may appear on any area of the body. The stomach, upper arms, and the legs cause the most common problem areas for those trying to eliminate flab.

When attempting to rid the body of excess flab, the person cannot eliminate the fatter areas simply by exercising those muscles. Many people may try specific arm exercises or ab exercises to try and reduce the fat in those spots. To truly lose fat, however, the person needs to take up cardio and a healthy diet. Exercise and proper nutrition can cut down on fat in those who are out of shape, but many other people may find weight loss difficult.

Consulting a doctor is the best way for a person to find out what his body needs to eliminate the fat. It could be a change in lifestyle, or medication may be required. Each person's body is different and genetics play a large role in how fast a person gains weight. Other factors such as stress, a job that requires long hours of sitting still, or health problems can all lead to weight gain.


After working with a doctor to determine the best course of action, the person should engage in a cardio routine and plan out balanced weekly meals that still provide the nutrition his body needs. Cutting down on food will not necessarily cause weight loss since the person may binge eat at times. It can also slow the body's metabolism and decrease energy needed for exercising. The solution for weight loss is a healthy, balanced diet instead of cutting out food in what is often termed a starvation diet.

Someone who chooses to lose weight should start slowly. This encourages him to gradually adjust to his new diet and exercise routine, making him more likely to stick with it. Working out with friends and family members can also help. Losing weight too quickly will not give the skin time to adjust and will lose the weight while still leaving the flabby skin behind. This can only be fixed through surgery, so it is best for the person to listen to his doctor and lose weight slowly.


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