What is Fitness Dating?

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Fitness dating is a type of dating service in which two people get together for a date, but instead of the typical dinner and a movie date, the two participants engage in some sort of physical activity for which both parties have a passion or interest. The activities in which a couple may participate while fitness dating will vary according to the tastes of the couple, and many choose to engage in physical activities that allow for conversation as well. Running, hiking, or bicycling are common choices, as are yoga, racket sports, and so on.

Many online dating services now feature fitness dating to promote healthy lifestyles and to connect people who are passionate about the same healthy activities. Such sites propose that pairing people according to their interests in the fitness realm makes fitness dating a success because it gives the two people something to converse about naturally, since both people are generally familiar with the activity. It also helps people be more social and active, and it provides a different setting for what can sometimes be an awkward or difficult exchange. These dating sites and services strive to pair people together who are in the same or similar physical shape as well to prevent conflicts or a bad match between potential partners.


The activities in which a couple participates do not have to be intense or excessively physical. Hiking dates are common, as are yoga dates or simply walking dates. Fitness dating is less about the intensity of the activity and more about providing a common ground between potential partners who want to live a healthy lifestyle or who are passionate about a specific sport or athletic activity. Most fitness dating sites allow users to describe themselves both in terms of physical activity and fitness level, and in terms of personal traits, behaviors, and personality.

One common difficulty users of online dating sites run into is a lack of compatibility with people they are dating through the site, even if their personalities seem to mesh online. Once a couple meets in person, they may find they have little to talk about, making the date awkward and difficult. Fitness dating seeks to avoid such problems by providing a semi-structured or structured activity to guarantee the participants in the date will have a good time at least on some level. This makes conversation easier, even if the couple finds they have little else in common.


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Post 2

@sunnysideup - I agree, this is a good idea but it really doesn't seem necessary. After all, plenty of dating women have found their match online by just talking to each other.

Talking to the person you are matched up with is a good idea before that first meeting. Even if that first meeting is just a bike ride or a hike.

Personally, I wouldn't want to spend time with someone just because we like the same activities...there has to be much more of a connection on many different levels.

Post 1

What a great idea for dating websites to use physical fitness as a way to get to know a person. And when I think back to my dating days, it seems we did this naturally.

I can remember getting to know my college boyfriend, we played tennis every evening after dinner — if you can call it that! It was more like hit the ball, laugh, miss the ball, snicker, serve the ball, oh brother. We moved on to racquetball and swimming, but the point is, being physical gives you something to do while getting to know someone. Romantic dinners came after the playing. It was a very natural progression.

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