What is Fire Glass?

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Fire glass is a product which is designed to be used in gas fireplaces to mask the housing of the gas jets and to help reflect light and heat. It is designed as an alternative to the rocks and fake logs which are often used in gas fireplaces. Numerous companies make and sell fire glass, and consumers should be aware that because there are some safety concerns involved with glass, they should purchase this product from a reputable company.

Gas fires are usually not very attractive to look at, because people can clearly see the plumbing for the gas, along with the jets. For this reason, many gas fires are covered with decorative features which mask the details of the fireplace. These features are also designed to collect and radiate heat to make the fire more efficient. Stones and ceramic logs have been popular choices because they serve both functions very well, and fire glass is a more recent option.

Properly made fire glass has been tempered and specially treated so that it will be able to withstand high temperatures and prolonged exposure to heat. The pieces are usually around gravel sized, because larger pieces can be prone to cracking and exploding, and the glass comes in a variety of sizes. It is also usually tumbled to soften the edges so that people will not be hurt by the glass if they come into contact with it.


Fire glass will not emit fumes or generate soot, which keeps the fire as clean burning as possible, as long as the directions are followed. It will also refract light in interesting ways, creating a glittering effect which some people find pleasant if the glass pieces are faceted, or a softer glow with rounded, tumbled glass fragments. Various effects can also be played with by mixing or changing the colors of the glass, with warm tones like red, yellow, and orange creating the illusion of a pile of coals, while cooler colors such as green and blue can make a fire look more unusual.

This product can be used in gas firepits, ornamental gas stoves, and other types of gas stoves which are designed to be used with stones, artificial logs, or glass. If consumers are not sure about whether fire glass would be appropriate, they can check with the manufacturer of a stove to confirm that it will be safe. It is also advisable to have a screen around any sort of fire, to reduce the risk of injuries.


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Post 7

@anon325917 Fire glass is just tempered glass. The glass doesn't actually burn. You still need natural gas or propane for these units.

People think that it's just the glass burning which is one of the advantages of fire glass. In reality, the glass is simply there to cover up the gas lines to give it the perception that the stones are burning. Pretty cool huh?

Post 4

I'd like to know how the product is designed to burn? What's in it?

Post 2

Really good detailed explanation/definition of Fire Glass.

Post 1

Article was fine, although I already knew the information, but what I was looking for is a supply of the stuff.

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