What is Fire Alarm Software?

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Fire alarm systems typically include a composite of complex sensors, alarms, sprinklers and computer devices. Most advanced systems are run by special fire alarm software. This computer application is responsible for managing the integrations of multiple components and sensors within the system. It is designed to detect both smoke and fire.

Most home security systems include fire alarm software. This security protection application monitors the rooms within the home by using special heat and smoke sensors. When a device detects abnormal heat levels, it sends a signal to the alarm system. This system will contact the fire department, while simultaneously engaging the alarms within the home.

Commercial buildings are typically required to use advanced fire alarm software. This software includes a special fire display instrument panel. When a fire is detected, the panel illuminates in red with the floor and location of the fire. This information is automatically transmitted to the local fire department, which helps emergency responders quickly locate the fire.

Many high-security buildings have fire alarm software that is connected to doors and entryways. When a fire is detected, the security system automatically seals specific quadrants of the building. This technique secures vital information from potential damage due to the fire or smoke.


There is special fire alarm software designed specifically for handicapped individuals. This software is typically configured with special warning lights and vibration devices that can help wake up a person with hearing loss. These security systems are a vital tool for the handicapped because normal systems cannot be heard.

Some modern home security systems provide real-time Internet monitoring of a home. These systems can send emails to the homeowner when an emergency occurs. This allows access to streaming videos, and sensors throughout the home throughout the day.

Today most national forests are monitored with special early warning fire alarm software. This software is connected to live videos and smoke sensors that can detect the onset of early forest fires. Using the advanced technology, provide emergency responders a proactive approach to the management of fires throughout the world.

Fire alarm systems can also monitor carbon monoxide within a home or building. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause an individual to die while he is sleeping. This type of monitoring requires a special sensor that detects abnormal levels of carbon monoxide in the air. The sensors will trigger a signal to the fire alarm software if levels are above normal.


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