What is Fiori Pasta?

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Fiori pasta is an Italian pasta shape which is very reminiscent of a flower. It appears to be a more recent addition to the wide range of pasta shapes on the market, but the sturdy structure and fanciful shape have made it a reasonably common offering in many markets. There are a wide range of uses for fiori pasta, since the shape is very versatile. Making the pasta at home is possible, but an extruder is needed to create the unusual shape.

The pasta is made from a set of connected tubes which form the shape of a flower, with rays arranged around a central tube. The tubes are cut at set lengths to create a pile of fiori pasta, sometimes labeled as flower pasta. The pasta also reminds some consumers of a set of stacked scrolls. Many producers make multicolored fiori pasta, sometimes selling it in a tricolor pack. Colorful flower pasta can be flavored with ingredients like tomato, spinach, lemons, and pepper.

Most consumers purchase fiori pasta dry, since it requires special equipment to make at home. The best dried pasta is made from durum wheat, an extremely hard wheat which will cook to a chewy, resilient texture called al dente. Extra cooking will make the pasta softer, but it will continue to hold its shape and structure very well. This trait makes durum wheat pasta a great choice for soups, since it will not melt away when the soup is frozen and reheated.


In addition to being useful in soup, fiori pasta can be added to pasta salads as well. The strong shape will also hold up well under hearty meat sauces, smooth cream sauces, and an assortment of other toppings, since the small tubes will help hold sauce on the pasta. The flower shaped pasta are also fun for younger diners to eat, and they can be dressed up or down, depending on the intended end consumer.

To make fiori pasta at home, the purchase of a pasta extruder with the appropriate die is necessary. Some cooking stores sell pasta extruders and dies, and the equipment can also be ordered through Italian import companies. The extruder can be used to make fresh pasta, or the pasta can be dried and saved for another time. Many extruders also include an assortment of pasta dough recipes for cooks to experiment with.


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Post 3

@literally45-- I think you are talking about a different fiori pasta. there are two different types. One is the relatively simple flower design which reminds me of a honeycomb. And then there is a kind of inverted flower design that makes for a bulkier pasta. I suspect you are referring to the latter kind.

That kind is actually more difficult to find and takes a bit longer to cook. The simple fiori is available at most grocery stores.

Post 2

@literally45-- I agree with you, fiori pasta is very beautiful. You ought to try it with meat and cheese sauces. Sauces get into the little crevice behind the flower design of the pasta. It's very delicious.

Have you ever seen armoniche pasta? If you like fioli, I think you will like armoniche as well.

Post 1

I don't know how Italians come up with all of these pasta shapes. The shape of fiori pasta is extraordinary. I used to be excited by butterfly or shell pasta, but those are very simple shapes in comparison to fiori. I'm still not sure how it is made. I can't imagine anyone making it without the special equipment.

I buy my fiori pasta dry, from the Italian grocery. I have used it with tomato sauce and also in pasta salads. It did not disappoint me either way.

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