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Finaplix® is also known as Trenbolone Acetate, a steroid supplement that may significantly increase body mass. It is often used by bodybuilders to assist them in increasing their size. Finaplix® is produced by the Roussel Uclaf Corporation.

The supplement works by increasing the nitrogen uptake of the muscles, which in turn increases protein synthesis. Finaplix® may also reduce appetite and decrease the uptake of fat in the body. Another benefit of this supplement is that it does not cause water retention, an effect that is usually associated with other steroid supplements.

An average dose of Finaplix® may vary considerably between individuals. It may also depend on the athlete's goal and the duration of the cycle. In most cases, beginners are not encouraged to take this supplement because of the possible side effects. It is recommended that Finaplix® be injected into any large muscle of the body, including the thigh, bicep, tricep and deltoid.

Finaplix® may also be injected to livestock by veterinarians or farmers to maintain and even increase their body mass. Animals are usually given this supplement to gain mass before they are transported to be slaughtered. The pellets given to these animals usually also contain methyl cellulose and yellow dye.


For animals, a single dosage of this steroid supplement usually consists of 10 pellets. Packages usually contain one cartridge, which in turn contains 10 dosages, or 100 pellets. This can be given to the animal by means of a subcutaneous injection into the backside of the ear.

There may be numerous benefits for bodybuilders using this steroid supplement. It is estimated to be up to three times more effective than testosterone and will not cause any water retention while building mass. This supplement will also not readily convert into estrogen, thereby increasing the body's muscle-building potential.

Finaplix® may also be used in conjunction with other steroid supplements, but it is recommended that athletes check the side effects before starting a cycle. Since the side effects may vary depending on each athlete's body, it may be useful to experiment with smaller dosages first to minimize the side effects. Side effects of Finaplix® may include nausea, high blood pressure and insomnia. This drug is not recommended to female athletes because of the high risk of virilization. It has been suggested that this supplement may lead to kidney damage, but this has not yet been proven.


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