What Is Fiber Mascara?

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Fiber mascara is a type of mascara that either contains tiny fibers inside the mascara tube or comes with fibers that can be brushed on to the eyelashes after the mascara is applied. The fibers are typically made of materials, such as silk or rayon, that help create the look of thicker, fuller lashes. These fibers cling to the eyelashes easily because they bind together with the stickiness of the mascara. Many regular mascaras promise these results, but often do not deliver. Fiber mascara may be a useful alternative for people who want to achieve the look of thicker lashes without using fake ones.

There are several different brands and types of fiber mascara. Some brands come in a mascara tube with the fibers included, which are put on the eyelashes in exactly the same way as traditional mascara. There are other types that come with a tube of basic mascara and a separate tube of fibers to brush on. Additionally, there are some types of mascara that consist of nothing more than a jar or tube of fibers that may be applied on top of the mascara that a person already uses. When the fibers are put on separately, it is typically necessary for a person to apply the mascara first to clean lashes and then follow up with fibers and another coat of mascara on top to hold them in place.


The prices of fiber mascara tend to vary depending on brand, but most types are more expensive than traditional mascara. When compared to the price of professional quality false eyelashes, fiber mascara tends to be cheaper. Many people claim that the results they get with mascara containing fibers are equivalent to the results that are possible using false eyelashes. Another possible benefit of using this type of mascara instead of fake lashes is that there is no need to work with glue, which can be tedious and time consuming for many people. There is also no reason for a person using this type of mascara to worry about accidentally getting glue on her real lashes, which could cause them to come out.

Most types of fiber mascara will come off with either makeup remover or soap and water, just as traditional mascara normally does. Even though this type of mascara has many potential good points, there is another downside other than the fact that it tends to be more expensive than traditional mascara. The fibers in the mascara may flake off, which can cause some eye irritation. People, particularly those who wear contact lenses, may want to be especially careful not to rub or pick at their eyelashes to avoid this problem.


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Post 3

I used fiber mascara for a while but I don't anymore. There are just too many steps. I have to apply the mascara first, then the fiber, then the mascara again and on and on. I get good results with three layers of both but when I'm in a hurry, it's just impossible to do this patiently.

Post 2

@literally45-- Applying fiber mascara definitely requires some practice. Don't give up just yet.

I had a difficult time during my first few uses but I've gotten the hang of it now. I also use a set with a mascara gel and separate fiber wand. If you wipe the fiber wand while getting it out of the tube, it removes the excess fibers. Also, you need to make sure you coat your lashes quickly and thoroughly with the gel afterward. It's the gel that locks the fibers in place. If you don't apply enough gel or wait too long in between the steps, the fibers may fall off.

Fiber mascara does require some getting used to. Lashes feel heavier than before. But the results are so good that it's worth it. I used to use fake lashes often before. I don't need to any longer thanks to fiber mascara.

Post 1

Has anyone here used fiber mascara with good results?

My sister bought me a set for Christmas and I tried it once. I was very excited to use it but became very disappointed when the fibers got all over my face. This set comes with a mascara gel and a fiber mascara. Applying the gel is no big deal but applying the fibers is difficult. I'm going to try it one more time but I don't think this product is working for me. I was hoping it worked because I love thick and long lashes.

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