What is Ferrum Phos?

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Made by combining phosphorus and iron, ferrum phosphoricum is a homeopathic medicine. Abbreviated ferrum phos, the remedy is used to cure various ailments from fever to inflammation. It may also be helpful in restoring lost energy.

Along with iron and phosphate, sodium acetate is used to create the home herbal remedy. Its use is based on the homeopathic law of similars, a belief that harmful substances can cure the symptoms, or similar symptoms, they cause. Homeopathy practitioners may prescribe the herb remedy to patients with inflammatory diseases, low energy, chills, viral illnesses, anemia, or low fever. Ear infections can also be cleared up with ferrum phosphoricum.

Vomiting and diarrhea may be abated through use of the remedy. Ferrum phos may be given to patients suffering from afflictions of the chest and throat, such as cough, heart palpitations, sore throat, swollen tonsils, chest pain, and laryngitis. Sometimes the medicine is used to treat incontinence or bed wetting as well.

Menstrual problems can also be alleviated by the homeopathic medicine. Other health problems unique to females, such as vaginal dryness and uterine pain, may also be helped with the remedy's use. It can also help lengthen the menstrual cycle if needed. Headaches, early stages of dysentery, and gastritis can be treated with the home herbal remedy as well.


Ferrum phos is generally recommended to be kept in a person's home medicine supplies by homeopathic doctors. Such herbal remedies, however, are prescribed based on a patient's entire spectrum of symptoms rather than on one or two afflictions. According to such a physician, a patient requiring ferrum phos might have a low fever, pink or red patches on his or her cheeks, and inclination to tiring quickly. Patients may also suffer from a weak or rapid pulse and a pale complexion.

People prescribed ferrum phos might also be anxious, sensitive, and restless. They may also bleed easily, whether it be through nose or gum bleeding. According to homeopaths, illnesses requiring this medication are generally provoked by a period of overexertion.

Available over the Internet and from homeopathic pharmacies, ferrum phos can be purchased in tablet or liquid form. Also known as iron phosphate, the mineral compound can be toxic if not mixed properly. Most compounds are diluted with large amounts of lactose, or milk sugar, to make them safe for human consumption. Ferrum phos should be kept out of direct sunlight to maintain its full potency.


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Post 3

Rate of success, hum. I happened onto the 12 cell salts in the study of astrology, and the gestation period of nine months leaves three cell salts deficient in the body.

The three for Aries is natrum phos ferrum phos and potassium phosphate. I will test this, it surely can't hurt. My meditation is going well and I think this may be the next path. Thanks for posting.

Post 2

The use of an iron-based natural medication to treat issues like anemia or menstrual problems makes sense since they are blood based, but I'm not so sure about headaches, vomiting, sore throats etc. For example, a headache could have so many different causes: blocked sinuses, a hangover, vision problems and so on. Wouldn't each of these causes require a different treatment in western medicine? Would ferrum phos be able to effectively cure a headache regardless of the cause?

Post 1

A good thing to remember about homeopathic medicine is that this type of treatment is usually matched very specifically to a patient's symptoms, so in essence, ferrum phos would not literally be administered for just a single symptom. I sometimes find remedies suggested by homeopathics to be a little questionable, but the more I read about it, the more it seems to make sense. The rate of success is certainly impressive in itself.

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