What Is Ferite?

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Ferite is a scripting engine that combines several general scripting languages, or languages that are versatile and are able to perform an array of functions. One of the major goals of Ferite is to allow programmers to build scripts that leave a very light central processing unit (CPU) and memory trail. It tends to draw on other scripting languages' strengths while ignoring their weaknesses. Overall, the scripting language is most like Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and C, and programmers used to building scripts with its various languages will be able to start with little difficulty. This is considered a curly bracket language because of its heavy use of the { and } characters in declaring blocks.

Ferite itself is just a small scripting engine that crosses several programming language boundaries. This allows programmers to build scripts that will be added into other programs at a later time. The application programming interface (API) gives programmers a space in which to make and test codes. While made up of other languages, Ferite’s code is standard and works the same as other scripts, without any confusing or intricate coding needs. Along with being a simple engine, it is cross-platform and uses a tiny amount of memory compared to other codes.


Unlike other programming languages, either unique languages or languages built on the back of other languages, Ferite is a clean and simple programming environment. Most other codes are memory-heavy or have many confusing integers or blocks. Many languages also force programmers to learn new declaration methods that may not be applied in other languages. With Ferite, if the programmer knows the main codes in this culmination, he or she can start instantly.

Ferite is based on six programming languages. Scheme is primarily used for closing blocks, Ruby® is used for calling blocks, C and PHP are used as a basis for the functions and commands, Java® is used to create programming objects, and C++ is for declarations and namespaces. If the programmer knows these languages, or just a few of them, he or she can begin making scripts without a large learning curve.

This code is known as a curly bracket language, and most of the programming languages that form its basis are, as well. One of the major defining aspects of a curly bracket language is the heavy use of { and } characters in declaring or using blocks of code. C, and most codes made from C, fit under this category. Most of the languages in this category are used for scripting.


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