What Is Fat-Free Cottage Cheese?

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Fat-free cottage cheese is a loose, or non-pressed, cheese product prepared with non-fat milk and thus contains no fat. It is more or less identical to full-fat cottage cheese in appearance, although many claim that the difference in taste between these products is significant. Fat-free cottage cheese is fairly easy to prepare at home, and is also readily available in many grocery stores. Many fitness enthusiasts contend that fat-free cottage cheese is a good dietary choice for its lack of fat and its protein content.

In appearance, fat-free cottage cheese is basically indistinguishable from full-fat cottage cheese. It is very white in color, and consists of soft curds of cheese which may be suspended in whey or a fat-free dairy liquid. Whether fat-free or full-fat, cottage cheese is usually available in large curd and small curd varieties. As their names suggest, the curds that make up the former variety are larger than those that make up the smaller one, although even the large curds are generally small enough to be eaten with a spoon.


Many hold that the difference in taste between fat-free cottage cheese and its full-fat cousin is very noticeable. Both cheeses are typically very mild in flavor, but the fat-free variety is often said to be far less creamy than the full-fat one. Some people find that they must add ingredients like salt or cream to fat-free cottage cheese prior to eating in order to improve its taste. Of course, adding ingredients can quickly undo the cheeseā€™s status as a low-fat food.

It is fairly easy to prepare fat-free cottage cheese at home. To do so, heated fat-free milk is combined with an acidic liquid such as vinegar and then allowed to curdle. The resulting curds are then simply drained and rinsed. They can be eaten immediately or refrigerated for several days. This type of cheese is also readily available in supermarkets in most countries where dairy products are commonly eaten.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often contend that fat-free cottage cheese is an excellent choice for a breakfast food or snack. This is largely because it contains a significant amount of protein relative to its fat content. It is important to keep in mind, however, that, as with many fat-free foods, this type of cheese often contains a number of artificial ingredients added to improve its taste, color, and consistency. Consequently, some nutritionists might argue that eating an all-natural full-fat cottage cheese in moderation is actually a better dietary choice.


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@ocelot60- There are a couple easy ways to make fat-free cottage cheese seem creamier without adding a lot of calories or fat to it. The easiest way to do this is to mash the cottage cheese curds and stir it thoroughly. This works because smaller curds have a creamier texture than larger curds.

You can also add a little bit of skim milk to a container of fat-free cottage cheese to make the texture creamier. Stir it before you eat it to mix the curds and milk together, and you will find that this simple tip will give your fat-free cottage cheese a creaminess similar to that of the full-fat variety.

Post 2

I'm trying to cut calories from my diet, and I love cottage cheese. I want to start eating the fat-free kind, but I prefer creamier cottage cheese. Does anyone know of a way to make fat-free cottage cheese creamier without adding fat or too many calories?

Post 1

I have tried many different types of cottage cheeses, and I have found that the best fat-free varieties are also organic. I'm not sure why, but organic fat-free cottage cheese tastes fresher and creamier to me than varieties that are not organic. Anyone who wants a tasty fat-free cottage cheese should give an organic brand a try.

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