What is Facial Resistance Training?

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Facial resistance training is a technique whereby the muscles of the face are exercised through specific movements. The training can tone the muscles and contribute to an enhanced complexion. A full routine can include resistance exercises for the eyes, cheeks, neck and lips. These can be performed at any time and don't require any equipment.

There are various exercises that can be performed in facial resistance training. The key areas usually consist of the eyes, cheeks and neck. There are more than 50 muscles in the facial area, and by regularly exercising them they can become firmer, contributing to a younger, healthier look. Facial resistance training has been around for years and can be practiced by both male and female individuals of all ages.

Facial resistance training can be easy to perform. To strengthen the eyelids, for example, the index finger can be placed above the eyebrows. By pushing upward while simultaneously trying to close the eye, it will create resistance and thereby exercising the eyelids. This can be done for the lower eyelids as well, by placing a finger on the cheekbone and pushing downward while trying to close the eye.


The cheeks can get a workout as well. To give it a try, place three fingers on the center of each cheek while tilting the head backward. Attempt to smile against the resistance caused by the finger placements; this will help firm the jowls. Another alternative is to place an index finger on the inside of the cheek and pull outward while attempting to suck in the cheeks against the resistance. This can significantly strengthen the cheek muscles.

To firm the neck muscles, tilt the head backward as far as possible while simultaneously putting the lower part of the lip over the upper part. The lower lip should be pushed upward as far as possible, thereby strengthening the muscles in the neck. These exercises can be very effective, and they are practiced by many people to enhance their appearance and contribute to a younger-looking complexion.

It is recommended that each exercise repetition should be held for 10 seconds and then relaxed for five seconds before repeating. A total of six sets of each exercise can be done when starting facial resistance training for the first time, increasing the number of reps as the individual progresses. These exercises can be done daily or a few times per week. It can be beneficial to train the facial muscles, not only to enhance one's look but to promote a healthy, natural complexion as well.


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I have found every facial exercise program calling their training ‘resistance training’ is somehow rooted in FlexEffect Facialbuilding. I have the FlexEffect third edition. The program is utterly amazing. The 275-page book alone offers more than all the other programs put together. And, I just read where the new training techniques ‘Jolting’ and ‘Cross Stretching’ offered in FlexEffect’s third edition, are now supported by the latest dermatology research.

Deborah has put over 30 years in her work and in my opinion deserves much recognition. Her FlexEffect Facialbuilding tops everything I have ever done for holding back time, let alone the collection found in my anti-aging arsenal!

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The originator of Facial Resistance Training is Deborah Crowley. She developed it in 1979 while she was a competitive bodybuilder. Her latest book is out 'FlexEffect Facialbuilding' 3rd edition. In this book she offers two new disciplines that she also developed: ‘Jolting’ and ‘Cross Stretching’.

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