What is Face Time?

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In a modern business environment, your employer may be the voice on the other end of a phone, your co-workers may be a series of emails and your customer may be an online order form. Many people can literally go through their entire workday without a single real life interaction with another human being. The idea of actually having a live conversation with another person in the same space is often called face time.

Spending quality face time with an elusive employer or telecommuting co-worker can be very difficult to schedule, but also has some benefits over more impersonal communications. One benefit is the ability to read each person's body language and facial expressions to gauge interest in the proposal or topic being discussed. An email or phone conversation may be more convenient than face time, but participants may not be able to tell if the others are truly engaged or simply being polite.

Some people refer to face time as meatspace, a play on both personal meetings and the presence of real humans. An engineer who primarily works out of his home may have to plan some "meatspace" with his boss in order to discuss an upcoming project, for example.


Quality face time can also be described as face-to-face time, as in the case of a company executive deciding to visit a factory floor. Instead of remain relatively secluded in an office, he or she may want to actually meet face-to-face with the employees who actually manufacture the products. By spending some time with actual machinists or assembly workers, an employer might get a better idea of company morale or working conditions.

Face time can also apply to family dynamics and personal relationships. Parents who plan quality time with their children can help deepen their emotional bonds. Online chat rooms and instant messages may offer participants the illusion of real world interaction, but real life friendships benefit significantly from personal interactions.


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Post 3

Good article -- I agree that face time is under-utilized, especially in business. Of course, sometimes you just can't meet with everybody.

In that case, at least try to make a phone call. It really does make a difference.

Post 2

I think it's important for bosses to actually be open to interaction during face time. I think that too often, it can end up just being the manager talking at the employee.

In that situation, I'd honestly rather just read a memo that sit through a lecture.

If done well though, face time can be good, provided an actual conversation takes place.

Post 1

The idea of face time also corresponds with one of the five love languages: quality time.

For some people, face time can be one of the most important expressions of love in a relationship.

Of course, the best kind of face time is organic face time, that just develops on its own.

However, if you have trouble starting to have quality face time with other people or if you feel uncomfortable with it, then scheduling interactions can be a good way to go.

Pretty soon, you'll start having better and more comfortable face time with your peers and colleagues, and the "quality timers" in your life will really appreciate it.

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