What is Face Polish?

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Face polish is an exfoliant that is used to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation in the skin. The exfoliants in face polish are usually made of salt, sugar, or the crushed pits of stone fruits such as apricots and peaches. Face polish is a very powerful cleanser that can remove particles of dirt and dead skin cells that have become embedded in the pores.

Because face polish is used to clean out the pores, it can help to reduce the size and frequency of pimples. Furthermore, it can leave skin looking more youthful. This is because it sloughs away dead skin cells so that younger skin is visible. Some polishes are actually intended for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are a number of skin care companies that sell face polish and the prices vary greatly. It is possible spend under $10 US Dollars on a bottle that will last for a few months or over fifty dollars for a bottle that contains only a few ounces. Generally, products that are sold in drug stores are the most affordable.


The best way to compare products is to purchase trial sizes if they are available. Many skin care lines sell packages of travel-sized products for a reasonable price. In fact, sometimes these packages are offered as a bonus for making another purchase. In addition, don't be shy about asking for samples. It is common for skin care companies to have samples of most of their products on hand.

One drawback to this kind of beauty product is that it can draw moisture out of the skin. As one of the cardinal rules of skin care is to maintain moisture, it is important to use a good lotion after exfoliating the skin. Depending on the specific needs of the skin, it may be helpful to use an astringent or toner after using an exfoliant and before applying a moisturizer. There are many skin care lines that carry all of these types of products.

It is important not to overuse exfoliants like face polish. In fact, most strong exfoliants have a maximum use of once per week. Be sure to follow all instructions on the product label, especially those having to do with frequency of use. In addition, if the skin becomes irritated by an exfoliant, discontinue use.


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Post 3

Have you guys ever used Fresh Face Polish? I saw it in the store the other day and thought it looked really great, but I wanted to check out some reviews before I bought it since its so expensive.

So has anybody reading this ever used Fresh Face Polish, and can you tell me if it worked for you? Thanks for any and all input!

Post 2

If you've already got a lot of oil on your face, a face polish can be your best friend.

I have a naturally oily face, and started using a face polish as a one off because I saw one on sale one day.

It was seriously the best thing I ever did for my face -- getting all that junk out of my pores for the first time felt great, and since the face polish takes away some of the oil, the pores actually became smaller the more I used it, since they weren't filling up so badly.

Of course, you can's use polish all the time. Remember, no matter what polish you use, faces are delicate, even if they're oily. Your face skin has a pH balance, and its important not to throw it off.

So follow the instructions, use it once a week or less, and you'll get awesome skin results too.

Post 1

Nice article -- I am a huge fan of face polish, and often recommend it to my clients.

I would add one tip for people with a dry face using face polish. Remember, your skin doesn't have that much oil to begin with, and the face polish is going to take even more.

So you should only use a face polish that contains an emollient or moisturizer, and one that is gentle. None of the strong salicylic acid based ones for you guys!

Also, be sure to moisturize every time you polish your face -- if you don't your face will end up totally stripped of oil, which is just not good for anybody.

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