What is Eyelash Thickener?

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Eyelash thickener is a kind of product popularly used to increase the thickness and length of eyelashes. This kind of product is an alternative to eyelash extension products or false eyelashes, which are externally applied. With eyelash thickener, consumers apply a substance to their eyelash area that chemically promotes the growth of new, thicker lashes.

Although eyelash thickening beauty treatments are generally self applied, the consumer might need a prescription from a qualified dermatologist in order to get them. In this context, those using eyelash thickener will be medical patients. These patients will generally consult with the doctor prior to using eyelash thickener products.

Many of these new eyelash thickening products have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as cosmetic beauty treatments. There are some common side effects associated with eyelash thickener products such as the Latisse product, which was among the first products for this kind of cosmetic treatment. Some have experienced eyelid discoloration after applying eyelash thickener. Others have even reported color distortions in the iris, the colored ring surrounding the pupil. This serious side effect, according to some dermatology doctors, can be permanent.


Another side effect of eyelash thickening products is unwanted growth of hair around the eyelid area. Most doctors agree that the common cause of unwanted hair growth is poor application methods where the eyelash thickener substance gets incorrectly applied to different skin areas. For this reason, doctors and eyelash thickener product makers are careful to tell users to apply the product very precisely.

Although using eyelash thickeners is generally thought of as an elective cosmetic treatment, some individuals suffer from conditions similar to alopecia that affect their eyelash growth. For these patients, using eyelash products might fall into a medical use category. Consumers should check with their health insurance providers to see if they will get any assistance for the cost of these kinds of products and treatments.

Some patients have reported real, significant eyelash growth with the new eyelash thickening products that are now on the market. Others have not seen the kind of progress they hope for. These kinds of treatments vary according to the individual, and medical interactions may also apply. One should always check with a doctor before starting a regimen of some kind of chemical eyelash thickening treatment.


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