What is Eyelash Serum?

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Eyelash serum is a product that is used to help promote the growth and length of eyelashes. There are both prescription-strength versions of eyelash serum as well as versions that can be purchased over the counter at a drug store. Some of the first versions of this product to hit the market with a big advertising campaign were the prescription-strength varieties.

Most kinds of eyelash serum come in a container that looks much like a liquid eyeliner tube. In most cases the serum is applied much like liquid eyeliner. The thin brush is dipped into the serum and then drawn in a line along the base of the eyelashes from the inside corner of the eye to the outside corner of the eye. Unlike liquid eyeliner, however, eyelash serum is clear or nearly colorless. Depending on the indications of the product and the desired results, some brands of the product are acceptable for use on the lashes on the lower lid as well.


Some brands of eyelash serum can be used to help promote the growth of eyebrows as well. This is useful for people who have very thin or sparse eyebrows. In most cases, this serum should be used at night before bed and not during the day along with other cosmetics. There are, however, some exceptions in which the packaging of the serum indicates that the product can be worn under cosmetics. Before using the product, it is important to make sure that it will not interact poorly with other skin care products such as eye cream. It is important, especially for people with a history of eye problems and for people who wear contact lenses, to use a brand of eyelash serum that has been tested and approved by ophthalmologists.

The price of eyelash serum ranges quite a bit. There are some products that cost just slightly more than a tube of brand-name mascara. These kinds of serums are usually priced around $15 USD (US Dollars). There are other serums, however, that can cost as much as $100 USD per tube. The price of prescription-strength serum varies as well and depends on whether the user has a health insurance policy that will cover some or all of the cost of the product.


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I've tried a few eye lash serums, but the latest one that I tried was amazing!

It's called Xlash. It's from Sweden and gives great results by just using it once a day. A 3 ML bottle lasted me around 3.5 months and I had longer thicker, bolder eye lashes. I highly recommend it!

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